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April 3, 1990

Letter, Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Poland to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Poland

The North Korean Embassy informs Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs that a five-member delegation from the Ministry of Public Security would visit and they were interested in the functioning of the PESEL system and the application of computers in its operations.

November 16, 1982

Information About Some Aspects of the Population Policy in the Capital of the DPRK, Pyongyang

North Korea is reportedly expelling illegal residents from Pyongyang and overall seeks to manage the population of the capital so that it is "politically reliable."

January 10, 1983

Information About the Population Policy of the DPRK

Reports suggest that North Korea is cracking down on illegal internal migration, although many young people are still living in Pyongyang without proper permits.

July 24, 1961

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, 'Report and Request for Guidance on Chinese Residents Who Came to Korea After Illegally Crossing the International Border'

The Chinese Embassy in North Korea reports that DPRK treats Han Chinese and Chinese Koreans differently.

June 23, 1955

Report from Yu. Komarov to the Chargé d’affaires of the USSR in the DPRK

Komarov reports on his trip to North Pyongan, Kangwon, and South Hamgyong, specifically on the food shortage, its impact on the living conditions of workers, and private trade.

April 19, 1958

From the Journal of M.V. Zimyanin, Record of Conversation with DPRK Ambassador in the USSR Cde. Ri Sin-pal

Ri San-pal requests that North Korea be allowed to join the International Epizootic Office and describes recent economic developments in the DPRK.

July 15, 1971

Memorandum of Conversation between The First Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Republic and the Head of Delegation of Korean Worker’s Party on the 50th Anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Revolution

Officials of the Mongolian People's Republic and the Korean Worker's Party discuss their mutual support for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula, obstacles presented by the U.S. and Japan, and perspectives on the Sino-Soviet split.


Soviet Report on Japanese Population in Korea and the Korean Population in Manchuria

A Soviet report on the situation of Japanese in Korea and on the status of Koreans in Manchuria, or Northeast China, after liberation.

April 1955

Information on the Situation in the DPRK

Soviet diplomats Fedorenko and Ponomarev report on a wide range of issues involving North Korea, including agriculture, industry, and economic conditions in the DPRK, relations with China and the Soviet Union, and the situation in South Korea.

April 13, 1955

Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

Report from Dr. László Keresztes, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim at the Hungarian embassy in the DPRK, which talks about a conversation he had with Soviet Counselor A.M. Petrov. Keresztes sharply criticizes the secrecy and force that is utilized by the North Korean government and talks especially about the unreasonable economic conditions which exist in the DPRK.