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September 21, 1961

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Bernard Law Montgomery

Premier Zhou speaks with Viscount Montgomery of Alamein about propositions to ease international tensions. Zhou agrees with Montgomery's three propositions one of which is withdrawal of foreign troops from other countries territory. Zhou proposes withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Korea and Taiwan cross straits. Also, on the Taiwan issue, Zhou says that there is only one China and Taiwan is a part of China. Zhou believes that Taiwan issue is a internal domestic issue that should not be discussed by the UN.

June 19, 1950

Current Capabilities of the Northern Korean Regime

This report assesses the capabilities of North Korea in reference to; the Soviet position, the current political, economic, and military situations, and the current operations against South Korea.

June 8, 1979

Memorandum for Zbigniew Brzezinski from Nick Platt, 'PRC Meeting on PRM-45 Thursday, June 7, 1979,’ June 6, 1979, and Policy Review Committee, 'Korea'

Brzezinski sent a summary of the PRC meeting, including a discussion on the inter-relationship between troop withdrauwl policy and human rights issues in South Korea.

June 20, 1956

Report No. 86 from Young Kee Kim to Syngman Rhee

Young Kee Kim briefs Syngman Rhee on the Korean navy's visit to Philippines.

October 2, 1953

Associated Press Report, Syngman Rhee Statement on Chinese Occupying North Korea

President Syngman Rhee states he is ready to "repoen the war against Chinese reds occupying North Korea" and if necessary, he will go ahead without American support.

February 20, 1954

Letter, Colonel Albert H. Dickerson to Tuk ki Minn, President of Chosun Brewery, Ltd.

Chosun Brewery, Ltd. is authorized to sell beer to all United Nations Forces in Korea.

May 29, 1954

Letter, Mark Mcclure to Dr. Hongkee Karl

Mark Mcclure reports that the Eighth Army's policy regarding distribution of the "Korean Republic" newspaper remains unchanged.


Memorandum, 'Urging US to have ACTIVE policies towards Korea'

The author of this memorandum proposes that the US should: 1) Dissolve the ad hoc committee on Korea, 2) reinforce ROK troops to be equal with DPRK troops, 3) increase economic aid for recovery of Korea, 4) move UN forces headquarter to Korea where UN troops are stationed, and 5) impose sanctions on a pro-communist policy in Japan.

February 14, 1951

Letter, Lieutenant General John B. Coulter to Syngman Rhee

Lieutenant General John B. Coulter informs Syngman Rhee that the movement of Korean refugees is causing problems for UN combat troops.

May 17, 1951

Letter, Lieutenant General John B. Coulter to Syngman Rhee

The Department of the Army of the United States advised that procurement in Korea should be obtained by requisition on the Republic of Korea. Several advantages by the system, and included supplies are listed. An opinion in response to the suggestion is attached.