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May 10, 1943

Letter to Stalin from Korean Political Parties and Other Organizations which are Based in China

The author celebrates Stalin’s victories against fascist forces and asks Stalin to aid Korea and to recognize the Korean Provisional government.

September 6, 1942

Letter to Stalin from Lee Chang-chen, Commander-in-Chief of the Korean Army in China

Lee Chang-chen asks Stalin to strengthen the Red Army fighting against the Japanese in the Far East in order to bring about the liberation of Korea faster.

February 1942

Letter to Stalin from the Commanders and Soldiers of the Korean Army in China

Korean commanders express high hopes that Stalin's Red Army will defeat fascist forces all around the world.

September 25, 1957

Letter No. 61 from Syngman Rhee to L. Hoon Kim

President Rhee notifies that he will discuss the renovation of the Capitol Building with other personnel.

April 18, 1922

Appointment of John W. Staggers as General Counsel by Syngman Rhee

A copy of appointment of John W. Staggers as General Counsel by President Syngman Rhee in 1922

July 2, 1945

Record of a Meeting between T.V. Soong and Stalin

Notes taken during meetings between the Chinese nationalist government and the Soviet Union in Moscow during Sino-Soviet treaty negotiations.


The Japanese Population in Korea and the Korean Population in Manchuria

A Soviet report on the situation of Japanese in Korea and on the status of Koreans in Manchuria, or Northeast China, after liberation.

December 10, 1945

Malik, 'On the Question of a United Government in Korea'

This document discusses the creation of an independent Korea. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Chiang Kai-shek first presented the idea at the Cairo Conference in 1943. The United States supports the creation of a single Korean state while the USSR opposes it. The document discusses the importance of the answer to the unification question for the Soviet Union's political and economic future as well as its interest in the Far East.

August 8, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 8 August 1960

Karoly Prath and Puzanov discuss North Korea's new restrictions on foreign embassies, while Kim Il Sung and Puzanov latter talk about events celebrating the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Korea.

August 6, 1953

Summary Memorandum, US-ROK Mutual Defense Treaty (August 6)

In 1953, Secretary Dulles met President Rhee to discuss the US-ROK mutual defense treaty. This summary memorandum notes twelve of Rhee’s requests and/or points he will like this treaty to incorporate. These include the number of ROKA divisions, which economic model the US should use to help Korea’s economy, and the request for moral and material support for the ROK to resume war with the north. This summary also notes whether the US granted, wanted to further discuss, or rejected each point.