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August 4, 1969

From the Journal of N.M. Shubnikov, 'Information about a Trip to Panmunjom'

Shubnikov discusses the situation in Panmunjom, stating that troop movements are calmer than during the previous year. He assumes that both Koreas do not want to be accused of aggressive behavior prior to the UN discussion of the Korean issue.

March 17, 1969

Record of Conversation between N.G. Sudarikov and Kim Il Sung, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea

Kim Il Sung discusses an armed clash with Americans in the demilitarized zone and an incident in the Korean-Chinese border. He discusses Sino-Korean relations thoroughly as well.


Korea: Uneasy Truce in the Land of the Morning Calm (New York: American-Korean Friendship and Information Center, 1976)

The AFKIC introduces its mission, the history of Korea, and the current situation on the Peninsula.


Operation War Shift: Position Paper, Second (Revised) Edition

A position paper of the American-Korean Friendship and Information Center, describing the organization's objectives in the context of the Vietnam War.

April 23, 1977

Countermeasure to North Korea's Proposal on DMZ Alternation

Analysis and countermeasures on North Korea's proposal of expanding the range of the demilitarized zone, including the stance of the US government on this issue.

February 16, 1972

Letters between Narasimhan and Ozbudun

Update concerning 18th preliminary Red Cross negotiation, Japan-DPRK relationship intensification, and the reassignment of ROK Vietnam troops to the DMZ.

August 19, 1976

Letter, W. Tapley Bennett, Jr., to Isao Abe

W. Tapley Bennett sends a report of the United Nations Command on an incident in the Joint Security Area of the Demilitarized Zone in Korea.Two United Nations Command personnel were beaten to death and several others including UNC and Republic of Korea personnel were wounded by North Koreans.

February 21, 1979

Letter, Andrew Young to Abdalla Yaccoub Bishara containing "Report on the Activities of the United Nations Command (UNC) (December 17, 1977 - December 17, 1978)"

Andrew Young a report of the United Nations Command concerning the maintenance of the Korean Armistice Agreement, North Korean naval intrusions, and North Korean tunnel in DMZ.

June 18, 1971

Letter, UNCURK Principal Secretary Kuzbari to UN Chef de Cabinet Narasimhan

Kuzbari updates Narasimhan on the UN Command's proposal to clear the DMZ for civilian use, the need to validate ROK's accusations against North Korean seaborne attacks, Japan's view that ROK should adapt to communist China's entry into the UN, and the changing liberal attitude of the Korean people in regards to unification.

February 12, 1971

Letter, UNCURK Principal Secretary Kuzbari to UN Chef de Cabinet Narasimhan

Upon concluding the discussions on the reduction of US troops, Park Chung Hee announces that, with the exception of Panmunjom, ROK forces will be responsible for the DMZ.