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March 4, 1984

Stanisław Kramarz, 'Record of a Conversation of the Embassy Councillor-Minister Com. A. Juniewicz with Deputy Director of the Far East Department of the MOFA of the USSR, Com. Fadeev'

Polish and Soviet officials discuss the latest developments in North Korea. They state that the internal situation in DPRK is stable. In addition, in order to solve economic hardships, the DPRK seeks enhanced cooperation with the Soviet Union.

April 14, 1956

Report from the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs to A. A. Okhotin, 'Some Issues of the Domestic Political Situation in the DPRK'

A Soviet report that describes successful economic management in the postwar period in North Korea. The report also explains that the KWP CC still needs to work on improving some areas, particularly those concerning production cooperatives and the rural peasantry.

January 26, 1973

Letter, Ahmet H. Ozbudun to C.V. Narasimhan, "Ramifications of the ROK Troop Withdrawal from Viet-Nam"

Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a report on ramification of the ROK troop withdrawal from Vietnam, UN policy of the ROK, North-South contacts, ROK National Assembly elections, and the old and new constitution of DPRK.

December 21, 1955

Concerning the Self-Confession Movement in the DPRK

The letter and memorandum are both addressed to the chief of the Far East Department of the Soviet Foreign Ministry Ivan Kurdyukov. The contents primarily concern the "self-confession" movement in North Korea, which encourages confession to criminal acts against the state. Also covered are finance and accounting in North Korea.