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June 4, 1989

China Division, Asian Affairs Bureau [Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan], 'The Chinese Student Demonstrations (Part 2)'

The document, written on June 4, 1989 and submitted by the China Division, Asian Affairs Bureau of Japan, lists the facts surrounding Beijing’s use of martial law authorities and military force during the Tiananmen Square incident on June 3, 1989. It details the background leading up to the imposition of the martial law, power struggles within the Chinese Communist Party, lateness in bringing the situation under control, and struggle for democratization and liberalization. It also indicates the impact of the Tiananmen Square incident and the CCP’s response as it pertains to the Party’s prestige and international image.

September 23, 2020

Interview with Daniel Kurtzer

Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer is a former US diplomat. He was Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Near East Bureau at the US Department of State during the ACRS process, the coordinator of the multilateral peace talks following the Madrid peace conference, and the U.S. representative in the multilateral Steering Group .  

April 14, 1975

Disarmament Office, United Nations Bureau, Japanese Foreign Ministry, 'NPT Issue (Briefing of Minister Miyazawa’s Visit to the United States to Directors of Concerned Divisions of the Liberal Democratic Party)

A summary of a meeting between Foreign Minister Miyazawa and several leading officials from the Liberal Democratic Party regarding Japan's ratification of the NPT.

September 17, 1947

George C. Marshall, 'A Program for a More Effective United Nations: Address by the Chief of the U.S. Delegation to the General Assembly'

Marshall speaks about Greece, Palestine, and Korea, as well as the international control of atomic energy and the role and structure of the United Nations.

June 28, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 28 June 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 28 June 1990 describes the latest developments in Liberia, the Soviet Union, Israel, Japan, France, Italy and Taiwan.

July 31, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Tuesday, 31 July 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 31 July 1990 describes the latest developments in Japan, the Soviet Union, European Community, Liberia, Islamic States, Egypt, Fiji and Vietnam.

July 27, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 27 July 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 27 July 1990 describes the latest developments in Iraq, Kuwait, Liberia, the Soviet Union, Peru, Eastern Europe, Poland, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Japan.

September 13, 2018

Oral History Interview with Richard Butler

Australian diplomat and expert involved in the 1995 Non-Proliferation Treaty Extension Conference.

November 14, 2016

Oral History Interview with Uta Zapf

Chairperson of the subcommittee for "Disarmament, Arms Control, and Nonproliferation" of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag.

September 30, 1962

Record of Talks from the Premier’s Meeting with the Delegation of the National Front for the Liberation of Southern Vietnam

Zhou Enlai meets with the head of a Vietcong delegation, Nguyen Van Hieu. The two discuss the Vietcong's struggle inside of Vietnam and the organization's international ties, as well as disarmament and Afro-Asian politics.