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July 30, 1955

Shortened Transcript of the Meeting held by the 2nd Chief Directorate of the KGB attached to the Council of Ministers of the USSR on July 30, 1955

This document is a 61-page transcript of the meeting of the SCD leadership held in Moscow on Saturday, July 30, 1955. The ostensible purpose of the meeting was to discuss the progress report of the regional counterintelligence branch in the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic (the Second Department of the KGB of the Latvian SSR). However, the meeting went beyond the Latvian case and focused on the discussion of the overall deficiencies of Soviet counterintelligence at that time and the ways to deal with them.

March 1, 1989

Outgoing Cipher Telegram No. 3441 from the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR to Deputy Chief of the Service “A” PGU KGB Colonel Comrade Sotskov M. A., 'On Conducting Joint Active and Counterpropaganda Measures'

Karinauskas dispatched top-secret cipher telegram No. 3441 to the deputy chief of the Service A, Colonel M. A. Sotskov [Lev F. Sotskov], informing him of the measures the Lithuanian KGB planned to implement to tarnish the cause of Lithuanian independence

October 19, 1988

Chief of the 1st Department of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR Colonel V. L. Karinau,'A Plan of Counterpropaganda Measures to Explain to the Population of the Republic the Fundamentals of the Political Processes in Lithuania in the 1930s and the 1940s'

A plan to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Soviet regime in Lithuiana calls for the publication of a series of articles in the major Lithuanian newspapers on four topics.

March 24, 1987

Information Summary: 'On the Measures for Counteracting Ideological Diversions against the Soviet Baltic Republics'

In February 1987, the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party – the supreme political authority in the Soviet Union – sought to address the ever-growing vocal support in the international community for the independence of the Baltic republics (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). The resulting Politburo decree, titled “On the Measures for Counteracting Ideological Diversions against the Soviet Baltic Republics,” was summarized for the KGB of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic by Lt. Colonel Vilius P. Kontrimas, deputy chief of the First Department (foreign intelligence) on March 24, 1987.

December 7, 1984

Chief of the Pasvalys Regional Branch of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR Lt. Colonel S. Saveikis, 'A Plan for the Individual Training of a Young Officer of the State Security Service'

This document provides a set of instructions concerning the matters that a newly-recruited state security officer who has not gone through the Chekist educational system needs to know in order to perform his Chekist duties in the successful manner.

January 8, 1968

Information about the Work of the 4th Department of the 2nd Directorate on the Preparation and Implementation of the Chekist Active Measures against the Intelligence Services of the FRG from Counterintelligence Positions in 1967.

An annual report covering the work of the 4th Department of the Lithuanian KGB counterintelligence directorate, which was tasked with counterintelligence activities in the Federal Republic of Germany, in 1967.

April 21, 1967

Colonel V. Konoplenko to the Chief of the 1st Department and the Department Chiefs of the 2nd Directorate of the KGB of the Council of Ministers of the Lithuanian SSR

Deputy Chairman Colonel V. Konoplenko describes the counterintelligence operation known as HORIZON in general terms and tasks the Lithuanian KGB and its branches with specific counterintelligence tasks.

May 30, 1940

The Minister in Latvia (Wiley) to the Secretary of State

Officials express concern about the Soviet Union's aggressive actions toward Lithuania.

June 25, 1941

Statement by the Latvian Minister (Bilmanis)

Statement by the Latvian Ambassador to the United States on the Soviet occupation of Latvia.