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May 15, 1964

Record of the Conversation from Chairman Mao’s Audience with the Albanian Women’s Delegation and Albanian Film Workers

Mao and Vito Kapo discuss Sino-Albanian relations in the context of the anti-revisionist struggle against the Soviet Union.

June 18, 1967

Directive [from Mao Zedong] Regarding Propaganda for the Outside [World]

Mao urges Chinese journalists and reporters to promote and discuss their national achievements with humility.

June 18, 1967

[Statement from Mao Zedong] on the Great Global Significance of the Chinese Revolution

Mao writes that the Chinese revolution will attain victory through armed struggle. As long as China shines with the light of their revolution, the world will have hope. These comments were communicated to Comrade Zhang Chunqiao on June 8, 1967.

May 1967

Directive [from Mao Zedong] Regarding the State of International [Affairs]

Mao argues that Europe remains the strategic center of US-Soviet conflict.

August 8, 1963

Statement [from Mao Zedong] Appealing the People of the World to Unite against the Racial Discrimination of American Imperialism [and to] Support Black Americans' Opposition of Racism

At the request of Robert F. Williams, a former NAACP leader who fled to Cuba, Mao condemns racism against black Americans in the United States. He discusses several notable events in the American civil rights movement, from the Little Rock Crisis of 1957 to the then-upcoming March on Washington, and calls on "enlightened people of all races around the world" to support the struggle of black Americans.

March 22, 1960

Mao Zedong, 'On the Anti-Chinese Problem'

Mao asserts that only a small percentage of people in the world—imperialists, reactionaries, and revisionists—truly oppose communist China.

December 1, 1958

[Mao Zedong] on [How and Why] All Imperialists and Reactionaries Are Paper Tigers

Mao argues that the Chinese communists can regard imperialists and reactionaries as "dead, paper, and tofu tigers" because they have become backward and unrevolutionary. But on the other hand, since tigers can eat people, China still needs to think strategically and engage in class struggle.

November 25, 1958

[Mao Zedong's] Comments on Two Reports about International Issues

First, Mao asserts that the Western world will eventually splinter. Second, he notes that proletariat is gaining new allies every day.

May 17, 1958

Remarks at the Second Meeting of the Eighth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party

Mao contrasts the unity that exists between socialist countries with the troubles of capitalist and imperialist countries like the United States.

November 18, 1957

[Mao Zedong's] Remarks at Meeting for Representatives of Communist and Workers' Parties in Moscow

Mao discusses ways that socialism is overwhelming capitalism and describes the reactionaries of the world as "paper tigers." He urges his fellow socialists to take their enemies seriously and to wipe them out one by one.