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June 25, 1955

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1955, No. 9 (Overall Issue No. 12)

This issue covers Sino-Indonesian relations and the question of dual nationality. It also discusses marriage registration, cultural education for Chinese peasants, the cancellation of commercial credit between state-owned enterprises, and numerous changes to provincial or village boundaries.

December 21, 1957

Memorandum of Conversation with the Chairman of the Shanghai Office of the Energy Construction Industry, Zheng Toshen, at the residence of the General Consul of the CSSR

Discussion of a Czechoslovak expert, Oldřich Havlíček, who was working in China as Coordinator of Construction at an energy plant in Shanghai. Havlíček was sent home after he had an affair with a married Chinese woman, Ms. Zhen. The Czechoslovak authorities become involved when Ms. Zhen's husband sends letters of complaint to the CSSR ambassador in Beijing, the CSSR general consul in Shanghai, and to the People’s Court in Shanghai.

August 8, 1963

Instructions from the CCP Central Committee on Handling the Issue of Ethnic Koreans in the Northeast Going to Korea

The CCP Central Committee emphasizes the CCP's solidarity with the Korean Workers' Party and instructs Provincial Committees to quickly approve requests for ethnic Koreans to travel to North Korea.

October 18, 1958

Notification from the Ministry of Interior on Opinions Relating to Marriages between Chinese People and Korean Women

The Ministry of the Interior transmits a report entitled "Internal Opinions on Marriages between Chinese [Men] and [North] Korean Women" as reference for Civil Administration Departments in the People's Republic of China. The document outlines policies for addressing requests from North Korean women wishing to marry Chinese men.