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February 2, 1944

Memorandum of Conversation Held in the Kremlin, February 2, 1944, at 6 p.m.

W. Averell Harriman and Joseph Stalin discuss the United States using Soviet Air Bases on the Pacific coast and the Soviets entering the Pacific fight.

February 3, 1944

Paraphrase of Outgoing Navy Cable - Moscow, February 3, 1944

W. Averell Harriman and Joseph Stalin discuss information the Russian have gathered from Japanese sources about future Japanese plans and troop movements during World War II.

May 15, 1944

Memorandum of Conversations with the Rev. Stanislaus Orlemanski at Springfield, Massachusetts

Dewitt C. Poole summarizes the trip Father Orlemanski to the Soviet Union and his conversations with Joseph Stalin.

May 17, 1944

Professor Oscar Lange’s Report on his Meeting with Stalin, Submitted to President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Stettinius

Prof. Oscar Lange sends a briefing to the President and Secretary of State about his meeting with Stalin where they discussed Polish Politics.

June 10, 1944

Stalin and Harriman Discuss the Military Situation

Ambassador Harriman and Stalin discuss D-Day and future Russian offensives including Finland.

June 10, 1944

Conversation about The Far East

Harriman and Stalin discuss the Soviets entering the Pacific Theater after Germany's defeat and the use of Far East bases.

June 10, 1944

Paraphrase of Telegram From Harriman to the President

Harriman relays Stalin's thoughts on the Chinese government and military to the President.

June 26, 1944

Stalin, Harriman and Johnston Discuss Industry and Soviet-American Relations

Ambassador Harriman, Eric Johnston, and Marshal Stalin have a conversation about industry and U.S.- Soviet relations.

June 26, 1944

Stalin and Harriman Exchange Military Information

Harriman and Stalin discuss their own armies and how to deal with the German Army after the war.

June 28, 1944

PARAPHRASE of telegram sent from Harriman to Roosevelt

Stalin and Harriman discuss the Normandy Invasion, military matters, and ally relations.

June 30, 1944

Telegram from Harriman to Hull

Harriman gives Hull a summary of 7 topics discussed in the Johnston, Stalin, Harriman meeting.

August 9, 1944

Conversation Between Mikolajczyk and Stalin

Stalin and Mikolajczyk discuss aid to Polish fighters in Warsaw and Post War Poland and Germany

August 10, 1944

PARAPHRASE OF Embassy’s telegram no. 2923

Harriman briefs the President and the Secretary of State about conversations between Mikolajczyk and Stalin

September 23, 1944

Stalin’s Conversation with Ambassadors Harriman and Kerr

Ambassadors Harriman and Kerr discuss Stalin's surprise about the Warsaw Uprising, the Russian's engaging with the Japanese after Germany's defeat, and the next Big Three Meeting.

September 23, 1944

Operations in France

Marshal Stalin and Clark Kerr discuss the strategy in France and hurting Germany by taking industrial centers.

September 23, 1944

Establishment of a Tripartite Military Committee in Moscow

Harriman, Kerr, and Stalin discuss the development of a tripartite military committee.

September 23, 1944

The President’s and the Prime Minister’s Message to Marshal Stalin regarding the Quebec Decisions

Stalin, Kerr, and Harriman discuss plans for fighting in the Far East and the Pacific.

September 23, 1944

The Battle for Warsaw

Stalin updates Harriman and Kerr on the Battle for Warsaw and what the Red Army has encountered as it advances toward Warsaw.

October 9, 1944

Record of Meeting at the Kremlin, Moscow, 9 October 1944, at 10 p.m.

Churchill, Eden, Stalin, and Molotov discuss the leadership in Poland, Britains interests in Greece and Hong Kong, the actions of Romania and Bulgaria during the war, Turkey, the need for the Great Powers to exert influence on the Balkans to prevent small wars, the leadership of Italy, interests in Bulgaria and Romania, the dividing of Germany and Germany's future, and the American plans in the war against Japan.

October 13, 1944

Record of Meeting Held at Spiridonovka House on 13 October at 5 p.m.

M. Mikolajczyk discusses the Polish memorandum regarding the reconstruction and internal affairs of post-war Poland, Stalin reprimands Mikolajczyk for the extralegal approval of this memorandum. Churchill defends the memorandum, Stalin criticizes it, and Mikolajczyk emphasizes Poland's sovereignty as well as the legitimacy of the underground government in occupied Poland. Contentious discussion on the issue of the Curzon Line between Stalin and Mikolajczyk--Churchill acts as a mediator.

October 17, 1944

Record of Meeting Held at the Kremlin on 17 October 1944, at 10 p.m.

Churchill and Stalin discuss the progress of the war in Europe and its brutality. They propose three alternative plans of German dismemberment and how German assets should be divided among the Allies. They discuss further punishments and reparations.

April 13, 1945

Stalin’s First Conversation with Ambassador Harriman Following the Death of President Roosevelt

Averell Harriman and Joseph Stalin discuss Harry S. Truman and the death of President Roosevelt.

May 27, 1946

Soviet Record of Conversation of Gen. I.V. Stalin with Marshal Tito, 27-28 May 1946

Stalin and Tito discuss the economic situation of Yugoslavia and a plan for the Soviet Union providing assistance for further industrial and military development. Yugoslav foreign relations are also discussed.

January 17, 1947

Report to Washington on Mongomery’s Conversation with Stalin

Montgomery and Stalin discuss the possibility for future UK-USSR cooperation and ongoing US-UK relations.

June 5, 1947

Speech by US Secretary of State George C. Marshall, 'The Marshall Plan'

Speech in which George C. Marshall lays out the "Marshall Plan" for US aid to assist in the re-building of post-war Europe.