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October 2002

General Military Intelligence Directorate correspondence regarding information that Iraq placed chemicals and biological weapons in the coffins of Iranian POWs

This file contains a memo dated 3 October 2002 from the General Military Intelligence Directorate to Section 35 regarding information from a trusted source who stated that the Iraqi opposition was concealing chemical and biological weapons nisde the coffi

August 27, 1957

Special National Intelligence Estimate Number 43-2-57, 'The Prospects of the Government of the Republic of China'

Analysts at the CIA write that "the National Government remains politically stable and the economy of Taiwan continues gradually to improve. The military establishment is growing stronger, but Nationalist forces alone could not defend their territories against a full-scale Chinese Communist attack."

April 9, 1957

Special National Intelligence Estimate Number 43-57, 'Likelihood of Military Action by the Government of the Republic of China'

Analysts at the CIA conclude that "the Chinese Nationalists are very unlikely to launch an invasion or, in the absence of Chinese Communist provocation, to initiate ether major military action against the mainland in the next year or so."

April 1984

Central Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Intelligence, 'Briefing Material for the President's Trip to China'

Includes memoranda on "China's Independent Foreign Policy in Perspective," "The Foreign Policy Positions of China's Senior Leaders," "Deng-Zhao with Brzezinski--An Assessment," "Sino-Soviet Relations," "China and a Korean Dialogue," "Sino-Soviet Trade and Economic Relations," "China and Japan: Building for the Long Haul," "China's Taiwan Policy," "China-Southeast Asia," "China: Leadership and Succession," "China: Economic Reforms," "US-China Economic Relations," "China: Expanding Market for US Energy Firms," "China: Nuclear Power Prospects," and "China: Changes in Military Industrial Development Policy-Implications for the United States."

November 1982

National Intelligence Council Memorandum, 'China and Taiwan: Attitudes, Policies, and Options'

The United States' interests in its relationships with China and Taiwan would be best served if Beijing and Taipei could reach some form of accommodation or association that would permit the two parts of China to coexist peacefully. The worst outcome would be a military confrontation that forced the United States to choose whether to provide .assistance to Taiwan or to allow it to be overwhelmed by superior Chinese force. Trends over the past four years have moved fitfully toward an eventual accommodation, and they probably will continue in this direction.

January 7, 1982

Memorandum for the Vice President et al, 'National Security Planning Group Meeting'

William P. Clark, an aide to President Reagan, announces that a meeting on aircraft sales to Taiwan will be held soon. The memorandum includes a copy of the NSPG Options Paper, 'Issues for Decision: What Type of Replacement Aircraft to Provide to Taiwan'. The options paper outlines the background and legislative, intelligence, military, political, and diplomatic implications of new aircraft sales to Taiwan.

November 11, 1982

Central Intelligence Agency, 'The Military Situation in the Taiwan Strait: Taiwan's Options and Needs: Interagency Intelligence Memorandum'

Although the majority of the document was not declassified, the summary of the report highlights the military strategies of China and Taiwan vis-a-vis one another and US involvement between the two sides.

August 29, 1960

Record of Conversation of N.S. Khrushchev with Prominent Political Figure of Japan M. Suzuki on August 29, 1960

Khrushchev and Suzuki discuss Japan's neutrality, the American intelligence plane incident, and the failure of the Paris summit. 

October 15, 2020

Interview with Eran Lerman

Eran Lerman is a former Israeli intelligence officer. He served as a member of the Israeli delegation to ACRS. 

November 4, 2020

Interview with Nabil Fahmy

Nabil Fahmy is a former Egyptian Foreign Minister and diplomat. He served as the head of the Egyptian delegation to ACRS as well as the head of Egypt’s delegation to most of the Steering committee meetings