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July 7, 1945

Record of a Meeting Between T. V. Soong and Stalin

Stalin and Dr. Soong continue their discussions on Outer Mongolia, Soong reports Chian Kai-Shek's intention to preserve the status quo of Outer Mongolia according to the Yalta agreement. Stalin and Soong end their meeting in disagreement.

November 22, 1945

Ivanov and Prikhodov Report on the Mongolian Referendum

Report on a 1945 plebiscite to affirm the independence of the Mongolian People's Republic. The plebiscite was held as part of the terms of the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance, in which the nationalist Republic of China recognized the MPR in exchange for control of the province of Inner Mongolia, which had been occupied by Soviet and Mongolian troops during WWII.

January 12, 1946

Excerpts from a Report by the Head of the Soviet Mission in Mongolia I. Ivanov to Moscow

Ivanov reports on conditions in the Mongolian People's Republic and the possibility of "reunification of Mongol tribes and territories as one state."

July 2, 1945

Record of a Meeting between T.V. Soong and Stalin

Notes taken during meetings between the Chinese nationalist government and the Soviet Union in Moscow during Sino-Soviet treaty negotiations.

September 29, 1952

Record of the Reception of the Government Delegation of the Mongolian People’s Republic, led by Prime Minister Yu. Tsedenbal, by the Chairman of the People’s Central Government of the People’s Republic of China Mao Zedong

Mao and Tsedenbal discuss Mongolia's history and present day relations with China.