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September 23, 1944

Establishment of a Tripartite Military Committee in Moscow

Harriman, Kerr, and Stalin discuss the development of a tripartite military committee.

September 23, 1944

Harriman's Telegram to the President

Harriman updates Roosevelt on Stalin's recent illness and a possible future meeting in the Mediterranean in November.

August 3, 1944

Conversation between Stanislaw Mikolajczyk and Stalin

The Prime Minister of the Polish Government in Exile meets with Stalin to discuss Polish-Soviet political and military relations.

May 17, 1944

Stalin and Professor Lange Discuss Poland

Professor Oscar Lange briefs the U.S. Embassy in Moscow about his meeting with Stalin to discuss Polish affairs.

May 17, 1944

Professor Oscar Lange’s Report on his Meeting with Stalin, Submitted to President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Stettinius

Prof. Oscar Lange sends a briefing to the President and Secretary of State about his meeting with Stalin where they discussed Polish Politics.

May 15, 1944

Memorandum of Conversations with the Rev. Stanislaus Orlemanski at Springfield, Massachusetts

Dewitt C. Poole summarizes the trip Father Orlemanski to the Soviet Union and his conversations with Joseph Stalin.

April 28, 1944

Statement by Rev. Stanislaw Orlemanski at a Press Conference

Rev. Stanislaw Orlemanski holds a press conference to describe his trip to the Soviet Union and discuss the Polish question with Joseph Stalin.

March 3, 1944

Paraphrase of Outgoing Navy Cable – Moscow, March 3, 1944.

Ambassador Harriman and Joseph Stalin discuss future military movements in the Far East and Soviet intelligence about Japanese military plans.

April 9, 1951

Memorandum to Mr. B. Kuniholm from Enver Shakul, 'News from Sinkiang'

Enver Shakul, a Xinjiang exile working at the US Embassy in Ankara, shares the latest gossip from China's northwest.

October 19, 1964

J.S. Mehta, 'China's Bomb and Its Consequences on her Nuclear and Political Strategy'

Analysis of the recent Chinese nuclear weapon test and it's strategic implications for China's diplomatic and military policies.