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December 1, 2020

Interview with Anna George

Anna George is a former Australian diplomat. She served as a member of the Australian delegation to ACRS.

May 12, 1973

Cablegram from Australian Embassy, Peking, 'Meeting with Premier Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai]'

The cable indicates the key issues regarding Sino-Australian relations, including the settlement in Vietnam and a more close relationship with Australia.

May 22, 1973

Cablegram from Australian Embassy, Peking, 'Dr. Cairns' Meeting with Premier Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai]'

The cable analyzes Chinese Premier Zhou's attitude toward Sino-Australian relation.

May 23, 1973

Cablegram from the Australian Embassy, Peking, 'Ambassador's Meeting with Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai]'

The cable indicates that Australia intends to improve its economic and political relations with China.

June 18, 1954

Record of Interview between the Right Hon. R.G. Casey and Mr. Chou En Lai [Zhou Enlai]

Record of conversation in the third person between Australian official R.G. Casey and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai during the Geneva Conference. The report describes their discussion of the situations in Korea and Indochina and China's foreign relations.

June 18, 1954

Record of Conversation between R.G. Casey and Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai], Geneva, 18th June 1954

Record of conversation in first person by Australian official R.G. Casey during the Geneva Conference 1954. Casey discusses his first meeting with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and describes Zhou's attitude toward the situation in Korea and Indochina.

June 17, 1954

Notes on Possible Topics for Discussion with Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai]

The notes indicates Australia's focus on peace in Indochina and improving relations with China.

December 10, 1956

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Report, 'Australian Soviet Friendship Society'

At a social event in Sydney held in honor of the Soviet Olympic team, Soviet runner Vladimir Kutz received a gift which contained a dead rat painted yellow.

January 16, 1974

Digest of Despatches: PEKING, The Prime Minister's Visit to China

Summary of Australian Prime Minister's visit to China that assesses Australia's relations with China and relations with other nations in the Pacific.

November 15, 1973

Cablegram from Australian Embassy Peking, 'PM's Visit - Discussions with Chou En-Lai'

Cable from Australian Embassy in Beijing to Australian Foreign Ministry reporting the meeting with Zhou regarding Zhou's concern on overseas Chinese and relations with Southeast nations.