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June 28, 2017

Oral History Interview with Peter Goosen

South African diplomat

November 15, 1974

Letter, Kenneth Kaunda to J.B. Vorster

October 26, 1974

Address by His Excellency the President, Dr. K.D. Kaunda on the Occasion of the Conferment of the Degree Of Ll.D (Honoris Causa), University Of Zambia, Saturday, October 26, 1974

October 2, 1974

Die Militêre Milieu in Suider-Afrika Waarin die RSA Hom Tans Bevind


Draft Speech for John Vorster, 'Mocambique'

March 3, 1976

South African Government Cabinet Minutes on Rhodesia, 3 March-1 September 1976

Excerpts from discussions on the situation in Rhodesia, the possible implications that a hostile Rhodesia would pose to South African defense calculations, and the policies South Africa should pursue with regards to Rhodesia.

September 2, 1949

Memorandum of Conversation Regarding Eximbank Loan to South Africa

Assistant Secretary of State Thorp, Arneson, and Wendel discuss a potential Eximbank loan to South Africa, noting that though the loan application should be considered separate from US uranium purchases, South Africa was due to become the main source of uranium in the US after the Congo's supply was depleted.

March 28, 1949

House of Assembly Debates, Union of South Africa, on Atomic Energy Bill, First Session, Tenth Parliament

House debate on the Atomic Energy Bill, which proposed controlling South Africa's nuclear energy by placing the state in charge of mining and ownership of uranium, thorium, and other radioactive materials.

October 18, 1948

Memorandum from A.M. Rosenson to Wendel Regarding Draft Economic Policy Statement

Memo from Alexander M. Rosenson, chief of the monetary affairs staff at the Dept. of State, to Wendel with the economic section of the US policy agenda towards South Africa attached.

May 26, 1948

Memorandum from J.K Gustafson to C.L. Wilson Regarding Gustafson's Conversation with Anton Gray

Memo from J. K. Gustafson to Carroll L. Wilson, both of the US Atomic Energy Commission, regarding a conversation Anton Gray had with General Smuts, the fourth prime minister of South Africa, about South Africa's uranium development and its effect on relations with the US and the UK.