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November 7, 1977

Conversation between F. Trappen and K. Brutents (excerpts)

The conversation focuses on the problems that Ethiopia is encountering with the Eritrean Liberation Movement

January 31, 1978

Memorandum of a Conversation between East German leader Erich Honecker and Siassi Aforki, General Secretary of the Revolutionary Party of Eritrea, in Berlin

Aforki briefs Honecker and SED leadership on the current situation in Ethiopia in relation to the Eritrean movement for independence.

February 13, 1978

SED CC, Department of International Relations, 16 February 1978, Report on Conversation with [Vice-president] Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, Member of the Politburo of the CP Cuba, in Havana

Ambassador Langer discusses with Rodriguez the current situation in Ethiopia, focusing on the Eritrean liberation movement and the ongoing war with Somalia. They also discuss levels of assistance by various outside powers to the region

April 19, 1978

Draft Letter from Honecker to Brezhnev on Ethiopian-Eritrean Talks, 19 April 1978

The letter is written by Honecker to inform Brezhnev about talks that were held between Aforki (Eritrea) and Mengistu (Ethiopia). The talks focused on the development of autonomy for the Eritreans.

May 11, 1978

Memorandum of Conversation between [SED] Comrade Friedel Trappen and Soviet Comrade R. A. Ulyanovsky in the CC of the CPSU

The conversation focused on the negotiations between Ethiopia and the Eritrean Liberation Movement. The talks were focusing on how the Eritreans could obtain a certain degree of regional autonomy

June 7, 1978

Information on Talks of Ahmed Nasser (ELF-RC) in the USSR Solidarity Committee

Ahmed Nasser, leader of ELF-RC (one of the Eritrean liberation movements), discusses the internal political situation of Eritrea.

June 19, 1978

Memorandum of Conversation between Grabowski and Sinitsin in Moscow

Describes a conversation that covers a speech Mengistu gave on June 14 and also a general discussion of the Horn of Africa. It focuses on international support to the different parties involved

July 17, 1977

Memorandum of conversation between Soviet Ambassador to Ethiopia A.N. Ratanov and Cuban military official Arnaldo Ochoa

Memorandum of conversation between Soviet Ambassador to Ethiopia A.N. Ratanov and Cuban military official Arnaldo Ochoa concerning the situation in Ethiopia and the recent losses of objectives in Eritrea by the Ethiopians as well as possible means to strenghten the Ethiopian army

May 21, 1991

CPSU CC Report, 21 May 1991

This report deals with the political crisis in Ethiopia and Eritrea. It also concerns Soviet plans to settle the conflict.