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August 6, 1953

Proposed Joint Statement by President Rhee and Secretary Dulles

In this proposed joint statement, President Rhee and Secretary Dulles discuss the terms for the joint security pact between the ROK and the US.

December 1954

Message, President Syngman Rhee to General Taylor and his forces

In this Christmas Message, President Rhee addresses General Taylor and the US Forces. He praises the US troops for their victory against the communist aggression during the Korean War. Rhee recognizes America for continuing to “defend human liberty” not only in Korea but in all of Asia. Rhee ends the message with the goal of creating a “free, united, and democratic” Korea.

January 21, 1954

Letter, General James A. Van Fleet to President Rhee

General Van Fleet first addresses the two sides of the Asian question. Should the US 1) try to “win back Asia” or 2) face the "reality" of the present conditions and should not recommence fighting in Korea? He advises Rhee to concentrate on expanding the ROK army and to leave reunification matters to the US and the United Nations.

March 4, 1954

Letter, President Syngman Rhee to General Van Fleet

President Rhee once again suggests that the US government should increase the ROK defense forces. It will not only be cheaper to fund Korean (over American) divisions, it also means that Americans do not need to fight in Korea. Rhee then negotiates that if the US government implements the necessary military buildup aid, he too will not take any “unilateral action” for or against the future Geneva Conference until after it has been in session. Finally, Rhee advocates his disapproval of US interest to build up Japan.

March 6, 1954

Letter, James A. Van Fleet to President Syngman Rhee

General Van Fleet addresses his concern for the Far East. While some Americans are calling for US withdrawal from South Korea, he insists that the US has a “morale and a material obligation” in the Peninsula.

June 30, 1979

US Department of State Cable, Presidential Message

Jimmy Carter writes to Suharto on Indonesia's offer to facilitate a tripartite dialogue between the U.S., North Korea, and South Korea.

September 2, 1977

US Presidential Memorandum, Jimmy Carter Administration, Efforts to Promote a Dialogue between South and North

The U.S. Department of State reports on discussions with China and efforts made to encourage the resumption of a dialogue between North Korea and South Korea.

July 26, 1977

US Presidential Memorandum, Jimmy Carter Administration, Talks between North Korea and South Korea

The Jimmy Carter administration attempts to develop a diplomatic strategy for inter-Korean talks in the wake of anticipated U.S. troop withdrawals.

March 3, 1975

US National Security Council Memorandum, ROK Weapons Plans

American officials in Washington, D.C., conclude that South Korea is in the initial stages of developing a nuclear weapons program.

July 11, 1975

Draft US Department of State Cable on Approach to South Korea on French Reprocessing Plant

A follow up report for Henry Kissinger on the state of U.S. policy toward South Korea's purchase of a French reprocessing plant.