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June 6, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Wednesday, 6 June 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for Wednesday, 6 June 1990 describes the latest developments in USSR, South Korea, Cambodia, South Africa and Nicaragua.

June 23, 1989

CPSU Central Committee, 'On a Conception of Military Cooperation with Foreign (Non-Socialist) Countries'

An introductory note to the CPSU Central Committee Resolution on military cooperation with non-Socialist countries.

May 1987

Plan of Negotiations between M.S. Gorbachev and the President of the United States of America, R. Reagan before the first trip to Washington

Soviet plan for negotiations between Gorbachev and Reagan. Topics covered include peacemaking efforts in the Near East, nuclear limitation, and the issue of Afghanistan.

February 17, 1990

Excerpt from Protocol No. 179 of the Meeting of the Politburo CC CPSU, 'On the Upcoming Elections in Nicaragua'

The CC CPSU approves of the analysis made by E. A. Shevardnadze and A.N. Yakovlev on the upcoming elections in Nicaragua and the position of the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

March 14, 1980

CPSU CC Resolution, 14 March 1980

This resolution and the attached documents give the plans for future Soviet cooperation with the Sandinista National Liberation Front in Nicaragua.

April 18, 1980

CPSU CC Memo of 18 April 1980 and attached Protocol of 17 March 1980

These documents deal with the planned relations between the USSR and the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

May 29, 1980

Protocol #213/39, 29 May 1980

This protocol gives the specifics of Soviet cooperation with the Sandinistas, especially in terms of propaganda (films, photography, Marxist-Leninist literature, etc.).

May 1980

CPSU CC Decree, May 1980

The decree discusses Soviet cooperation with the Sandinistas in the areas of radio communications and combating illiteracy.