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June 13, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Wednesday, 13 June 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for Wednesday, 13 June 1990 December 1989 describes the latest developments in USSR, West Germany, UK, Romania, Hong Kong and Canada.

August 3, 1965

Memo on Work of the Committee of the 18 on Nuclear Proliferation

Memo by CSMD A. Rossi on the resumption of the work of the Committee of the 18 in Geneva and the issue of non-dissemination nuclear weapons: summary of technical-military observations from SMD to MD of March 1964 on US proposal for declaration on non-dissemination, analysis on nuclear power guidelines and Non-nuclear countries; draft British and Canadian agreements presented to the Atlantic Council and reactions to alliance countries, statement Foreign Minister A. Fanfani to Geneva; US project of nuclear non-dissemination treaty, MAE instructions to amb. Cavalletti

August 7, 1965

MD Note on US and UK positions on MLF

Note on MLF project elaborated by Paris standing group. It focuses on US project, British point of view, objectives of te ANF proposal, issues with the MLF and national ways to the nuclear deterrent.

December 8, 1964

US Comments on the UK Proposal of a Project for an Atlantic Nuclear Force

General comments relating to the establishment of an Atlantic nuclear force, objectives that any new arrangement of NATO nuclear forces must meet, specific comments on the UK's proposal, characteristics of the force, components, contribution of the United States Forces, non-dissemination of
nuclear weapons, command and voting arrangements, review provisions.

January 1, 1964

MAE cable on Atlantic Nuclear Force

Outline of Italy's position vis-à-vis the british project for an Atlantic Nuclear Force.

January 1, 1964

MAE Cable to Embassy in Washington on Atlantic Nuclear Force

Cable by MAE Secretary General A. Cattani on US document circulated in parallel with british proposal for an Atlantic Nuclear Force.

January 1, 1964

Atlantic Nuclear Force Her Majesty's Government Proposal

British proposal for a reorganisation of the nuclear arrangements of the Atlantic Alliance that includes objectives, mixed-manned principle, British contribution, command question, relations with NATO.

May 8, 1990

Memorandum of Conversation Chancellor Franz Vranitzky – Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, London

The document contains a conversation between Chancellor Franz Vranitzky and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher begins with the state of internal affairs in Great Britain then relates its position to the European Union and role in German Unification. The conversation then turns to the role of Austria and its effort to join the European Commission. In the wake of problems in Eastern Europe, Thatcher stresses her preference for Western Europe to avoid involving itself in the counter movements.

July 19, 1949

Cable from Moscow to the Foreign Office

The British ambassador to the Soviet Union and Stalin meet to discuss relations between their two countries. Conversation focused primarily on British intentions within NATO and reconstruction efforts.

December 21, 1960

Report by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Segni to the Minister of Defense, Paris meeting of the Atlantic Council

This report describes the development and outcomes of discussions at the Atlantic Council, Paris meeting. Topics: contrasts between two different tendencies : extensive vision of NATO power (supported by Italy, Germany, Canada and others) and the restrictive vision of NATO (sponsored by USA, France and UK); colonies; economic development; increasing Soviet threat.