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CSSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Information: The Most Recent Developments in the Chinese People’s Republic and the CSSR-Chinese Relations'

Extensive account of CSSR-Chinese relations, including controversy surrounding the Cultural Revolution and Chinese extremism, anti-Soviet proclivities within the Chinese leadership, and the Chinese hydrogen bomb test on June 17th.

January 16, 1974

Digest of Despatches: PEKING, The Prime Minister's Visit to China

Summary of Australian Prime Minister's visit to China that assesses Australia's relations with China and relations with other nations in the Pacific.

October 19, 1964

J.S. Mehta, 'China's Bomb and Its Consequences on her Nuclear and Political Strategy'

Analysis of the recent Chinese nuclear weapon test and it's strategic implications for China's diplomatic and military policies.

November 24, 1964

K.R. Narayanan, 'India and the Chinese Bomb'

K.R. Narayanan, Director of China Division at Ministry of External Affairs, writes that the explosion of the first nuclear bomb by China will alter the political balance of Asia and the world and development of nuclear weapons by India can be justified and beneficial for the country and the international system as well.

September 2, 1960

Note, Homi Bhabha to Shri Y. D. Gundevia

Homi Bhabha writes to Prime Minister Nehru about India's international status as a country possessing a plutonium plant but not a nuclear weapons program.

August 2, 1963

Letter, Homi Bhabhi to Jawaharlal Nehru

Homi Bhabha writes to Prime Minister Nehru to convey that the Chinese nuclear test will be of no military significance and Chinese possession of a few bombs will not make any difference to the military situation. In order to counter the Chinese bomb’s psychological-political impact, Dr. Bhabha argues that India needs to be in a position to produce the bomb within few months.

August 30, 1965

Note, P. S. Ratnam, 'Starred Question No. 8196 for 30-8-1965 in Lok Sabha'

The Indian Ministry of Defense evaluated the impact of the Chinese nuclear explosion and reported that the more immediate and real Chinese threat comes from conventional arms. The Chinese nuclear test poses a long term military threat, but its strategic implication and India's consequent actions require constant review.

April 2, 1960

Note, G. R. Walker to H. L. Khanna

The note contains articles on the peaceful utilization of atomic energy and other achievements in nuclear science by China, which were shown to Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai by Prime Minister Nehru.

March 16, 1960

Letter, G. Parthasarthi to S. Dutt

The letter contains a copy of articles on the peaceful utilization of atomic energy and research work in the nuclear science in China, which could help Indian experts to understand China’s capabilities in the nuclear science.

May 16, 1965

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, 'Reaction to China's Second Successful Nuclear Test'

The Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang reports the enthusiastic responses of North Koreans to China's second nuclear test.