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March 23, 1979

Action Memorandum to the Deputy Secretary from Anthony Lake, Harold H. Saunders, and Thomas R. Pickering, 'PRC Paper on South Asia'

This is an interagency Policy Review Committee paper prepared for Deputy Secretary of State, Warren Christopher. The piece explores possible short and long-term strategies for dealing with Pakistan's nuclear ambitions.

March 19, 1979

Memorandum for the President from Cyrus Vance, 'Nuclear Problems in the Sub-Continent: Status Report'

This document is a three-page brief from U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance to Jimmy Carter regarding Pakistan's nuclear program.

December 22, 1993

Programme for Promoting Nuclear Non-Proliferation [PPNN], 'South Asia, Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Non-Proliferation: A PPNN International Workshop, Tourmaline/Topaz Hotel, Kandy, Sri Lanka, November 5-7 1993: Rapporteur's Substantive Report'

Summarizes events and agenda of workshop subset within larger conference on South Asian nuclear issues.

May 7, 1968

Memo to the CPSU CC: Regarding the Decision of the Communist Party of India (CPI) to Oppose Signing the NPT

This memo informs the Central Committee of the USSR of the Communist Party of India's decision to oppose signing the NPT due to perceived infringements on Indian sovereignty and a mistrust in the concept of security guarantees to India by the US. The recommended course of action is to forward comprehensive information to the CPI about the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons along the lines of a March 29 CPSU CC decree of that year in the hopes that the CPI's opinion on the NPT will change.

January 29, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Monday, 29 January 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for Monday, 29 January 1990 describes the latest developments in USSR, Azerbaijan, Romania, India, Ethiopia and Namibia.

March 25, 1989

Letter to Gorbachev from Shevardnadze, Yazov, and Kamentsev on Obligations for Military Assistance

In this letter, Shevardnadze, Yazov, and Kamentsev discuss the Soviet Union's obligations to provide military assistance to their treaty partners, and the differences between treaties.

July 3, 1974

Note from CSMD to MD on Italian ratification of the NPT

Note by CSMD suggesting to postpone ratification of NPT in light of the destabilizing effects generated by the Indian nuclear test.

November 24, 1964

K.R. Narayanan, 'India and the Chinese Bomb'

K.R. Narayanan, Director of China Division at Ministry of External Affairs, writes that the explosion of the first nuclear bomb by China will alter the political balance of Asia and the world and development of nuclear weapons by India can be justified and beneficial for the country and the international system as well.

April 13, 1964

Note, Homi Bhabha to Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri

In a note to Shri Lal Shastri, Homi Bhaba attached the Sunday Telegraph article, which claims that India could make an atomic bomb if she wanted to. Since there are no evidences of Indian manufacturing of atomic weapons, Dr. Bhaba wanted to know if the country should contradict the article or simple remain quiet.

September 2, 1960

Note, Homi Bhabha to Shri Y. D. Gundevia

Homi Bhabha writes to Prime Minister Nehru about India's international status as a country possessing a plutonium plant but not a nuclear weapons program.