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January 7, 1958

Code Message No. 337 from Deputy Minister Nazkowski to Szymanowski (Stockholm)

Deputy Minister Marian Naszkowski offers guidance for swaying public opinion in Sweden in favor of the Rapacki plan.

April 9, 1968

Excerpts from Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev’s speech at the April 1968 Plenum of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party

Brezhnev discusses negotiations with the United States over the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

May 23, 1989

Czechoslovak Description of 'Vltava-89' Exercise

Overview of the 1989 “Vltava” exercise in Czechoslovakia, during which the Czechoslovak People’s Army carried out a simulated military exercise.

May 28, 1983

CC CPSU on Withdrawal from Strategic Arms Reduction Negotiations (2)

The CC CPSU announces that it is breaking off negotiations with the US and NATO on Strategic Arms Reduction.

May 28, 1983

CC CPSU on Withdrawal from Strategic Arms Reduction Negotiations (1)

The CC CPSU announces that it is breaking off negotiations with the US and NATO on Strategic Arms Reduction.

November 20, 1963

Minutes of the HSWP Political Committee Session - Views of Polish Leader Władysław Gomułka on the Cuban Proposal to Join the Warsaw Pact

Władysław Gomułka views of Cuba’s proposal to the Warsaw Pact are recorded in the minutes of a HSWP Political Committee session. He explains why Poland opposes Cuba’s entry into the Warsaw Pact. The statements include concerns over the Federal Republic of Germany, nuclear and conventional weapons, and counter-revolution.

October 14, 1983

Telex from the East German Embassy in Romania to Bucharest, 14 October 1983

Summary of Romanian position on the Euromissiles Crisis presented at October 1983 summit and also shared with the United States via a letter from Nicolae Ceauşescu to President Ronald Reagan.The Ceauşescu – Reagan letter underscored that: (1) Romania did not approve of the Soviet missile deployments; (2) noted that Romania would only participate in defense operations, and specified that it would carefully consider the nature of the call for assistance by fellow alliance members before sending its troops outside of Romanian territory; (3) stressed that the Romanian Armed Forces were fully under national control, giving several specific details on how this was guaranteed; and (4) explicitly noted that Romania did not and would not ever host nuclear missiles on its territory, whether from the Soviet Union or the United States.

November 1963

Ion Gheorghe Maurer, 'The Unshakeable Foundation of the Unity of the International Communist Movement' (excerpts)

Prime Minister Ion Gheorghe Maurer describes Romania's new policies and approach to relations with China and the Soviet Union at a time when Romania was increasingly attempting to distance itself from the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union's military control. Toward this end, Mauer proclaims a policy of military disengagement and disarmament, declaring that mediation and negotiation are the only legitimate way of resolving international tensions.

December 7, 1963

Telegram number 7125/28 from Maurice Dejean

Maurice Dejean summarizes recent reporting done on China by Soviet news agencies.

June 1977

Military Exercise VAL-77 Explanatory note to the concept of the operational-tactical exercise of allied fleets in the Baltic Sea, codenamed VAL-77

This document provides an overview of the VAL-77 Warsaw Pact military exercise. Conducted in June and July 1977, the exercise simulated a joint seizure of the Baltic Straits region in order to provide practical operational experience and to improve coordination between ground, naval, and air forces. The exercise is predicated on a hypothetical scenario in which the "Westerners" initiate hostilities toward the "Easterners," prompting the Warsaw Pact allies to respond with force.