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August 10, 1949

Movements of the Lebanese Opposition

Report on the activities of various Lebanese opposition groups, including the Phalangists, the Communist party, the National Bloc and Palestinian refugees.

August 9, 1949

Emile Edde and the Opposition

Report on meetings between the National Freedom Bloc and the opposition on August 7th and 8th, 1949.

July 30, 1949

The 'Popular Resistance' Newspaper

Report on publication plans of a leftist newspaper published by the League of Palestinian National Liberty.

May 6, 1949

al-Dāhashiya [Dahashiya]

Information on the formation of al-Dāhashiya by Ibrahīm al-Dāhashī and [Salim Damwa], their recent activities.

May 5, 1949

Lebanese Republican Independence Party

The Journalist Informer reports that Konsṭanṭin [?] Tābit reconstituted the Lebanese Republican Independence Party and met with party members to discuss recruiting the youth.

May 3, 1949

Kurdish Activities in Syria

Document regarding Kurdish activities including in northern Syria, a Kurdish magazine in Paris, and activities of the Kurdish party in Beirut.

May 3, 1949

The Parti Populaire and the Lebanese Army

Document regarding continued PPS recruitment among the ranks of the Lebanese Army.

May 2, 1949

Protest Meeting in Lebanon

Document regarding a meeting of a Lebanese opposition group (possibly the Union of Lebanese Labor Unions, or else an associated group) including where it met and who attended.

April 29, 1949

Al-Najadah (Najjadah) Party Meeting

Short document regarding a meeting of members of al-Najaddah in order to increase their membership and improve their image.


The Political Situation in Lebanon

Account of the importance of the President to Lebanon's policies, the stages of Lebanon's foreign policy in the last two years, and a British visit to Cairo.