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August 4, 1948

The Iraqi Parliamentary Delegation's Visit to Jordan and Syria, and King Abdullah’s Attempts at Annexing Palestine to Jordan based on Bernadotte's Plan

Description of an Iraqi parliamentary delegation's visit to Jordan and Syria, and King Abdullah’s intent to annex the Arab areas of Palestine to Trans-Jordan.

June 28, 1965

Minutes of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization Ahmad Shukeiri

Zhou and Shukeiri discuss Chinese aid to the PLO and the situation of Palestinian refugees.

October 27, 1983

GDR Ministry for State Security, 'Information about The Escalation of Conflicts within the PLO'

The report evaluates the internal situation of the PLO, which lost its bases in southern Lebanon and is exposed to increased pressure by Arab governments. The report describes the conflict between Arafat and the Syrian branch of the PLO and notes the increase in Syrian influence following a violent incident in Tripoli, in which Arafat and the Muslim Brothers were supposedly involved. Regardless of Syria's strength, the report states that Arafat has shown no inclination to work with the Syrian government. It concludes that a split seems likely, especially since Arafat has oriented himself towards the reactionary Arab forces.

July 12, 1983

Summary of a Meeting of Comrade Hermann Axen with the Representative of the PLO, Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad), on 12 July 1983

Abu Iyad provides information on recent developments in the Middle East and within the PLO. He reports about Fatah splinter groups which are supported by the SAR and the evolving conflict between the Syrian Arab Republic and the PLO. He inserts a brief analysis of the development of Syria since 1976 and the influence of the USA and Israel. Axen gives his assessment of the situation and the conflict and points out the negative effects of the conflicts within the Fatah and between the PLO and Syria. He emphasizes the Syrian role in the alliance against imperialism and advises the PLO to again ameliorate the relations between the PLO and Syria.