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June 29, 1991

National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 29 June 1991

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 29 June 1991 describes the latest developments in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Kuwait, the Soviet Union, PLO, Jordan, Ethiopia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Togo, Czechoslovakia, and Lebanon.

September 29, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 29 September 1989

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 29 September 1989 describes the latest developments in China, Tunisia, the Soviet Union, Ecuador, Peru, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, and Brazil.

May 12, 1954

Report about a Member of the Parti Populaire

Report on a Palestinian agent of the Parti Populaire Syrien who is an employee of the Beirut office of the Arab Higher Commission.

September 15, 1949

Accusation against Members of the Parti Populaire

Report on accusations against 2 Palestinians who are involved in the PPS.

August 10, 1949

Movements of the Lebanese Opposition

Report on the activities of various Lebanese opposition groups, including the Phalangists, the Communist party, the National Bloc and Palestinian refugees.

August 1, 1949

Al Kaf al Aswad 'The Black Hand' Society

The Journalist informer is approached with a request to help print leaflets for the Black Hand Society. Short report on the formation Black Hand Society and its recent activities in Lebanon.

July 30, 1949

The 'Popular Resistance' Newspaper

Report on publication plans of a leftist newspaper published by the League of Palestinian National Liberty.

September 26, 1948

Security Agreement between Lebanon and Syria

[Probable draft] of a joint security agreement between the Lebanese Sûreté Générale and the Syrian Sûreté Générale with sections on Jewish people, foreigners, artists, refugees, Palestinians, Communists, political and diplomatic personalities and Lebanese and Syrian nationals.

May 1945

Al Kaf al Aswad (The Black Hand) Society

Short document with information on the Palestinian Islamist organization the Black Hand society, its foundation and development, etc.

July 13, 1952

Communist Activities

Report on communist activities, including efforts to recruit Palestinian refugees, their efforts to include women in the movement, and Antūn Ṭābit's trip to Berlin.