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November 9, 1990

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Conversation with Polish Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki Frankfurt/Oder, 8 November 1990, 11.15 - 15.15 hours

Kohl and Mazowieki engage in a comprehensive review on the state of bilateral relations. They discuss trade, culture,  infrastructure projects, questions related to the German minority in Poland as well as European security and defense, the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the GDR and Polish purchases of military equipment from former East German stocks.

October 7, 1977

Report on Visits to the Mongolian People's Republic and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

In September 1977, W. Jaruzelski  visited Mongolia and the DPRK. While in North Korea, Jaruzelski met with President Kim Il Sung and the Minister of National Defense O Jin U.  Although Jaruzelski did make several critical comments about the DPRK in his secret post-trip report, he still spoke in highly favorable terms about the country and generally recommended that Poland strengthen its relations with North Korea. 

Jaruzelsk's report also includes commentary on China's relations with both Mongolia and the DPRK.

June 22, 1944

Stalin and Gomulka Conversation Regarding the Polish KRN Government

Gomulka discusses the war with Stalin, issues the Polish Army faced with communication, and Polish politics.

March 16, 1944

Dinner Given by Marshal J.V. Stalin in Honour of the Command of the Polish Army

Joseph Stalin holds a dinner in honor of Polish troops with prominent members of the Polish and Soviet military as well as Soviet state officials.

June 15, 1981

Memorandum from Max Hugel to the Secretaries of State and Defense and Director of National Security, 'Polish Military and Security Reactions to the Current Political Situation in Poland'

Memorandum from Max Hugel to the Secretaries of State and Defense and the Director of National Security. The document details the conflict between several high military officials. It also mentions several places where Soviet military servicemen are incorporated into the Polish army.

January 1, 1983

Central Intelligence Agency, 'Jaruzelski's Attitude, Behavior, and Style'

Details Jaruzelski's personal habits, style, and evolving political views.

May 13, 1982

Intelligence Information Cable, 'Relationship between Soviet Military Representation to Poland and the Polish General Staff'

Report explains the previously waning influence of Soviet officers on the Polish military, discussing their housing, decreasing size and role in the Polish armed forces.

April 5, 1982

Intelligence Information Cable, 'The Polish National Defense Committee'

Report outlines the various components of the National Defense Committee (KOK) including its Secretariat, leadership, and possible consequences.

February 26, 1982

Intelligence Information Cable, 'Comments on a Recent Photograph of the Polish Military Council of National Salvation'

Report analyzes power dynamics and change in the Polish military from a photo TIME magazine published in their February 1, 1982 issue.

January 29, 1982

Intelligence Information Cable, 'Relationship between the Polish Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs'

Cable includes information on the acceptance of KGB advisors, military appointments, and resistance to Soviet penetration.