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Preliminary Plan for Operational Invigilation against Rada Polonii Amerykańskiej

This is a counterintelligence report from 1948 (exact date not indicated) on operational actions taken against Rada Polonii Amerykańskiej (American Relief for Poland, or the ARP) in connection with the distribution of CARE packages in Poland. Although the Communists ruling Poland initially warmly welcomed support from foreign aid organizations, this changed in the late 1940s as Moscow placed trusted Communist leaders in power who were under pressure to reject contact with the West. The activities of CARE and other similar organizations began to be seen as unwanted foreign agents. CARE was treated with indifference, impatience, and finally, unconcealed hostility 

April 1, 1992

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with Polish President Walesa on Tuesday, 31 March 1992

Kohl and Walesa talk about Poland's eagerness for EC membership and their shared irritation about general Western reservation in terms of EC enlargement. They discuss the desire of the Visegrad countries for NATO membership. Kohl reiterates his aim to to have a relationship with Poland that was similar to the German friendship with France.

March 21, 1990

Working Record of a Conversation of Prime Minister Mazowiecki with Secretary of the Treasury of the United States N. Brady

Mazowiecki and Brady discuss Poland’s debt and potential solutions, and Poland's transition from a communist economy to a capitalist economy.

March 22, 1990

Working Record of a Conversation of Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki with Secretary of Labor of the United States, Elizabeth Dole

Dole and Mazowiecki discuss Poland’s economy, US economic aid, and US-backed development projects.

March 22, 1990

Working Record of a Conversation of Prime Minster Tadeusz Mazowiecki with Vice President of the United States D. Quayle

Mazowiecki, Quayle, and Dabrowski discuss Poland’s economy, inflation, and the IMF.

August 10, 1944

PARAPHRASE OF Embassy’s telegram no. 2923

Harriman briefs the President and the Secretary of State about conversations between Mikolajczyk and Stalin

May 31, 1962

Summary of Ambassador Wang Binnan’s Report to the Department Party Committee

Wang Bingnan reports extensively on social, political, religious, and economic conditions within Poland, as well as Poland's foreign relalations with the US, the Soviet Union, and China.

January 11, 1971

Report, Polish Embassy in Bucharest, 'Romania After the Agreements on Friendship with the Soviet Union, Poland and Bulgaria'

The Polish Embassy in Romania reports on trends in Romanian foreign relations. There are signs of rapprochement with the other socialist countries in the Warsaw Pact after Romania reversed course to join Comecon. Yet Ceaușescu continued to court China and the United States as well.

September 2, 1968

Note on the US credit extended to Poland

Note from the Vice-President of the Romanian Council of Ministers Manea Manescu to Secretary General of the CC RCP Nicolae Ceausescu on Washington’s decision to extend a 500 million USD credit to Poland, to be repaid in 25 years. The note discusses the terms of the credit and the repayment policy, as well as the consequences of the credit on the Polish economy.