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August 9, 1944

Conversation Between Mikolajczyk and Stalin

Stalin and Mikolajczyk discuss aid to Polish fighters in Warsaw and Post War Poland and Germany

August 9, 1944

Stalin's Promise to Mikolajczyk

Stalin's conversation with Mikolajczyk and the results of Stalin's promise to give aid to help Polish fighters in Warsaw.

August 7, 1944

Mikolajczyk and Stalin Meet for a Second Time

Stanislaw Mikolajczyk and Stalin discuss military aid to Poland.

August 9, 1944

Stalin and Bierut Meet

Stalin, Bierut, and Molotov dicuss Polish-Soviet relations.

June 22, 1944

Stalin and Gomulka Conversation Regarding the Polish KRN Government

Gomulka discusses the war with Stalin, issues the Polish Army faced with communication, and Polish politics.

May 17, 1944

Professor Oscar Lange’s Report on his Meeting with Stalin, Submitted to President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Stettinius

Prof. Oscar Lange sends a briefing to the President and Secretary of State about his meeting with Stalin where they discussed Polish Politics.

March 16, 1944

Dinner Given by Marshal J.V. Stalin in Honour of the Command of the Polish Army

Joseph Stalin holds a dinner in honor of Polish troops with prominent members of the Polish and Soviet military as well as Soviet state officials.

May 13, 1982

Intelligence Information Cable, 'Relationship between Soviet Military Representation to Poland and the Polish General Staff'

Report explains the previously waning influence of Soviet officers on the Polish military, discussing their housing, decreasing size and role in the Polish armed forces.

January 29, 1982

Intelligence Information Cable, 'Relationship between the Polish Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs'

Cable includes information on the acceptance of KGB advisors, military appointments, and resistance to Soviet penetration.

January 27, 1982

Intelligence Information Cable, 'Soviet Pressure on Polish Leaders to Impose Martial Law'

Report details interactions between Polish and Soviet military officials, including angry phone calls between Gen. Jaruzelski and Brezhnev.