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June 27, 1961

Polish Notes on Results of Chinese Military Inspection

Results of the inspection included the need for the Chinese to have more practice in tasks like grenade-throwing, establish better relationships between soldiers and officers, promote uniform ideology within the army, as well as to fulfill more of the soldiers basic needs. Motto is "small but good."

June 27, 1961

Polish Information on Laos

Polish Military Attache Siwicki's report on the civil war situation in Laos and other parties' involvement, such as the US sending aid in the form of money or supplies

May 12, 1961

Notes on Soviet Political Work with China

Covers a meeting that took place on May 12, 1961 involving the military attaches of various socialist countries, where Mao spoke about the China's political and ideological direction, perseverance through work and scarcity, and flexible military strategies, and lays out plan for fulfilling these goals

June 21, 1960

Polish Diplomat's Notes on Situation in the Far East

A review of South Korea's 1961 April Revolution.

June 21, 1960

Polish Diplomat's Notes on the Situation in the Far East

Kowalczyk's review of the situations in Taiwan including increased US presence and construction of US ports and Thailand being equipped by US army and used as a base for US planes.

June 27, 1958

Polish Special Report on German Military Reorganization

Chief of General Staff Gregorz Korczynski reports on the Bundestag's decision to allow the Bundeswehr to acquire atomic bombs and missiles and describes the appropriate next steps to take.

May 25, 1957

Collection of Reports from Polish Military Attaches Around the World

Reports from Washington, Ottawa, Cairo, Berlin, Brussells, Rome, Stockholm, and Helsinki discussing events that occurred from January-May 1957. Most of the contents revolved around meetings with other foreign officials and actions of embassy's host country.

October 15, 1961

Polish Report on International Radio Transmissions

Report on the West's radio transmissions, including: NATO's torpedo activity in the Baltic Sea and the US plans to help strengthen Western navies in the region; US troop movements into Europe due to the Berlin Crisis; US tests of intercontinental ballistic missile "Titan"; exercises of Operation Skyshield and Polaris A-2, among many other missile tests

May 31, 1955

Report on Polish Diplomatic Functions in Washington, DC

This is Major Baranowski's report on Polish Embassy's diplomatic functions in Washington, DC between April and May 1955. It specifically focuses on visits of a military nature, such as West Point and the Pentagon.

February 15, 1955

Report on Polish Diplomatic Functions in Washington, DC

This is Deputy Military Attache Kurina's report of various diplomatic events and functions between the Polish Embassy and other embassies in Washington, DC between January and February 1955.