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March 26, 1980

Embassy of the GDR in the USSR, 'Information on Some Issues of China's Current Policy'

A discussion of the 5th Plenary Session of the CCP Central Committee and power struggles within the Chinese government, China's development targets, and foreign policy strategies, especially with the Soviet Union.

April 15, 1976

Embassy of the GDR in the USSR, 'Note about a Meeting of Comrade Goede with Comrade Kapitsa, Head of the 1st Far Eastern Department of the MID on 14 April 1976'

Goede and Kapitsa discuss the dismissal of Deng Xiaoping and recent appointment of Hua Guofeng following anti-Mao demonstrations. They also discuss Soviet relations with Cambodia and the DRV, and Sino-Japanese and Sino-American relations.

January 17, 1977

Erich Honecker to the Politburo Members of the SED, 'Information about the Situation in China and the Policy of the New Leadership of the PRC'

This document discusses the shift in political leadership and the instability of the government in the wake of Mao Zedong's death. It also reports on China's economic situation and the beginnings of efforts to modernize the country, as well as foreign relations, especially with the Soviet Union.

November 1987

Opinions from a Member of an Intelligence Service of the PR China Operating in the GDR under Journalistic Cover

A report on information obtained from a member of the Chinese intelligence service; this report discusses their opinions on East German-Soviet relations, relations between China and East Germany and China and the Soviet Union, and economic relations between East Germany and China.

December 18, 1970

Embassy of the GDR in the PR China, 'Note about a Conversation with the Acting Ambassador of the Soviet Embassy in Beijing, Comrade Yelisavetin, on 17 December 1970 in the Embassy of the GDR'

A discussion of a conversation about the Mao regime, the establishment of the first Provincial Party Committee, the People’s Congress, and changes in foreign policy, specifically Sino-Soviet relations.

September 7, 1968

CSSR Embassy Peking, 'Position of the Chinese People’s Republic regarding the Occupation of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, Comments in CPR Press and the Attitude of CPR Organs toward Our Representative Office in Peking'

Account of the CPR's position regarding the Soviet occupation of the CSSR through press statements and statements by officials.


CSSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Information: The Most Recent Developments in the Chinese People’s Republic and the CSSR-Chinese Relations'

Extensive account of CSSR-Chinese relations, including controversy surrounding the Cultural Revolution and Chinese extremism, anti-Soviet proclivities within the Chinese leadership, and the Chinese hydrogen bomb test on June 17th.