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February 10, 1954

Press Visit to the Party Headquarters

Summary of 2 journalists' visit to PPS headquarters.

August 8, 1949

The Communists and the 'Telegraph' Newspaper

Report on a communist declaration published in the newspaper 'the Telegraph.'

August 1, 1949

French Financing for the Press

Report on the French Legation's funding of the printing of a number of publications.

July 30, 1949

The 'Popular Resistance' Newspaper

Report on publication plans of a leftist newspaper published by the League of Palestinian National Liberty.

July 26, 1949

The Police and the “Nida’ al Watan” Newspaper

Involvement of a member of the police in [illegible] the paper Nida' al-Watan.

October 11, 1957

A Communist Informer

A report on the Lebanese communist party with information on communist meetings, the newspaper, and party elections.

July 8, 1949

Labor Conference in Milano

The Soviet Press Agency distributes an article written by the head of the delegation to the labor conference in Milan.

June 30, 1949

Article against Nūrī al-Sa'īd [Nouri al Sa'id]

The Journalist Informer reports on a newspaper article from the Soviet News Bureau accusing Nūrī al-Sa'īd of collaborating with British colonialists.

June 24, 1949

The Phalangists and the Parti Populaire Syrien

Report regarding propaganda accusing the Phalangists of being nationalists cooperating with Israel, Sheikh Pierre Jamīl's meeting with the Arab Union delegation at the Hotel Saint George, and the retraction of an article on the PPS in the newspaper 'Al-Ḥayah''.

June 24, 1949

“Al-Nidā' [al-Nida']” Newspaper

Report regarding an agreement between the owners of Al-Nidā' newspaper and Ḥaṭīmah al-Bashānī to publish the paper beginning at the beginning of July, 1949.