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November 13, 1981

Memorandum from John Stein to the Director of Central Intelligence, '[Redacted] Report'

Translation outlines new regulations concerning communication within Poland, including mail service, radio, and telephone.

November 12, 1981

Memorandum from John Stein to the Director of Central Intelligence, '[Redacted] Report'

Translated document details new regulations for radio, TV, publications, and live performances under martial law.

December 1, 1981

Memorandum from John Stein to the Director of Central Intelligence, '[Redacted] Report'

Translation of a classified document from the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs, providing information on: current political, socio-economic developments in the country; attitudes of the mass media, creative arts and academic circles; activities of the Roman Catholic Church; Western perspectives on Poland; and cases of disorderly conduct.

March 12, 1981

Memorandum from John McMahon to the Secretaries of State and Defense and Director of the National Security Agency, '[Redacted] Report'

Translation discussing how to keep telecommunications and the postal service up during strikes.

February 2, 1971

Memorandum from [withheld] for Deputy Chief [withheld], 'Recent Radio Free Europe (RFE) Broadcasts to Poland' [Declassified September 19, 2016]

CIA officials responsible for RFE question the criticism of RFE Polish broadcasts by the Polish Government, the West German Government, and the State Department and conclude that coverage of the December 1970 unrest in Poland was responsible and effective.

April 27, 1967

Telegram from the American Embassy in Warsaw to the Department of State, 'Appraisal of RFE Broadcasts to Poland' [Declassified September 19, 2016]

In Warsaw Embassy Airgram A-666, US Embassy officers analyze six weeks of RFE Polish broadcasts and conclude that they support US policy objectives by informing Poles about developments in Poland and the world and encouraging evolutionary change.

January 7, 1957

Memorandum from Frank G. Wisner for the International Organizations Division Chief, 'Reflections on Radio Free Europe's Present Position and Potentials; Lines for Poland, etc.' [Declassified September 19, 2016]

Frank Wisner, reflecting on the Hungarian Revolution, suggests that Soviet Communism is on the defensive and RFE broadcasts to Poland should discourage violence while supporting Party leader Gomulka’s efforts to gain more autonomy from the Soviet Union. IOD Chief Cord Meyer annotates the memorandum.

October 24, 1951

USSR Council of Ministers Decree Instituting Jamming of Anti-Polish Propaganda via Radio on Polish Territory

Decree ordering the USSR Ministry of Communications to assist with the jamming of Western radio broadcasts in Poland.

July 26, 1985

Polish Interior Ministry Report on Information Leaked to Radio Free Europe on Catholic Church

The Interior Ministry directive from which this document is excerpted ordered an investigation into how a confidential regime survey of attitudes toward the Catholic Church could have been leaked to RFE. In a follow-up report almost two years later, the Interior Ministry conceded on June 25, 1987 that many people had access to the report and it was impossible to determine who had provided RFE with the material.

March 9, 1984

Polish Central Committee Report, 'The Battle against the Influence of Ideological and Propaganda Subversion on Polish Society (Counterpropaganda)'

This Central Committee Information Department document contains an analysis of “Western propaganda” during martial law. While claiming that Polish society is “stabilizing,” the Department recommends increased research, analysis, and coordinated publications to counter Western ideological “subversion.”