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January 29, 1990

Romania: Front Rebuffs Opposition Challenge

An analysis of the retreat of opposition protestors following intimidation by the National Salvation Front.

December 23, 1989

Romania: Situation Report

An analysis of the National Salvation Front and their decisions to reform Romania.

February 22, 1991

Resolution of the Secretariat of the CC CPSU, 'On New Points in the Approach of the Romanian Leadership towards the Moldavian Problem'

Romanian officials are once again raising the issue of the unification of Moldova and Romania.

March 20, 1953

Record of Conversation of General Consul of the USSR in Cluj L. P. Akulov with First Secretary of the Regional Party Committee of the Romanian Workers Party of the Magyar Autonomous Region L. Chupor

Akulov and Chupor discuss inter-ethnic tensions in the Magyar Autonomous Region, the attitude toward the Catholic Church, and anti-Soviet activities following the death of Stalin.

February 10, 1947

Record of Conversation between I.V. Stalin's and Romanian Leader G. Gheorghiu-Dej

Stalin and Gheorghiu-Dej discuss the economic policy of the Romanian Government

February 4, 1947

Information from Major of the Soviet Army, Interpreter Skoda, Concerning his Conversation with Gheorghiu-Dej about his Meeting with I. V. Stalin

Major Skoda reports that Gheorghiu-Dej's concerns about his conversation with Stalin.

February 2, 1947

Record of Conversation between I. V. Stalin and Romanian Leaders G. Gheorghiu-Dej and A. Pauker

Stalin and Romanian General Secretary Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej and Foreign Minister Ana Pauker about the situation in the Communist Party of Romania and the situation in the country in connection with the signing of peace treaties