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March 22, 1948

Report on the Marshall Plan by M. Cristian and I. Nitescu

An analytical report written by internal analysts from the Romanian Foreign Ministry, M. Cristian and I. Nitescu, in 22 March 1948 to estimate the evolution and impact of the Marshall Plan.

September 2, 1947

Confidential Report No. 6594 from the Romanian Ambassador in Moscow to the Foreign Minister

A 25-page report sent by the Romanian Ambassador in Moscow, Iorgu Iordan, regarding Soviet perceptions of the Marshall Plan and a synthesis of life in Soviet Union as reflected in the media.

July 12, 1947

Letter, Foreign Minister Tatatescu to Counselor Melbourne, ad interim Political Representative of the United States in Romania

Letter signed by Minister Tatarescu on July 12 in response to Roy M. Melbourne, the US Representative of Legation, who sent to the Romanian Government a Note of Protest on 24 June, 1947, regarding deprivation of civil liberties, arbitrary arrests and detention of hundreds of opposition parties.

June 25, 1947

Telegram No. 4556 from the Romanian Ambassador in Moscow, Iorgu Iordan, addressed to Foreign Minister Tatarescu

Ambassador Iorgu Iordan explains the attitude of Soviet Union towards the Marshall Plan, based on an analysis of the Soviet press.

July 5, 1947

Telegram from the Soviet MFA addressed to Romanian Foreign Minister Tatarescu

This telegram from the Foreign Minister of USSR to the Vice-President of Council of Ministers and Foreign Minister Tatarescu informs the Romanian Government why the USSR has rejected the Marshall Plan.

July 23, 1982

Captain Ion Iordache, No. 32/II/0012309/23.07.1982, 'Memo [on a Meeting with "MARIAN"]'

Memo about information coming from PLO informants about the Israeli invasion into Lebanon and the ensuing conflict.

November 7, 1981

Lt. Ioan Plugaru, No. PI/00124, 'Report regarding the Intelligence obtained by Contacting ‘ALBU’, Foreigner'

Report on Palestinian feeling about the death of Sadat and Romania sending a representative to the funeral. The report also describes tensions and the need for Yasser Arafat to deal with them.

August 22, 1981

Col. Horia Brestoiu and Lt. Col. Ioan Ciobanu, No. 0620/0013646

Report about Abu Nidal and his work developing the revolutionary group Al Fatah.

May 25, 1981

No. 0620/D/003105/25.05.1981, 'Memo [about a Meeting between Yasser Arafat and Palestinian Students]'

Memo about Yasser Arafat's meeting with Palestinian students.

May 17, 1980

Ministry of the Interior, Department of State Security, Military Unit 0544, No. 103/27/0015686

Memo on a Palestinian medical student in Romania, who is a part of the PLO.