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April 14, 1956

Report from the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs to A. A. Okhotin, 'Some Issues of the Domestic Political Situation in the DPRK'

A Soviet report that describes successful economic management in the postwar period in North Korea. The report also explains that the KWP CC still needs to work on improving some areas, particularly those concerning production cooperatives and the rural peasantry.

June 20, 1955

Record of Conversation with Deputy DPRK Minister of Culture and Propaganda Jeong Ryul

Jeong Ryul expresses his concern regarding the challenges of the Korean artists and culture teams stemming from the food shortages in the DPRK.

June 21, 1955

Record of Conversation with Deputy DPRK Minister of Culture and Propaganda Jeong Ryul

Byakov and Jeong Ryul discuss the KWP CC Presidium meeting in which Kim Il Sung reported on his recent trip to Moscow.

May 26, 1955

Record of a Conversation with Cde. Kim Gyu-yeop, Director of the Pyongyang Children's Theater

Andreyev and Kim Gyu-yeop converse about the Pyongyang children's theater and the issues of concern to writers in the Union of Korean Writers.

April 4, 1955

Record of a Conversation with Editor of the Journal “Novaya Koreya” Song Jin-hwa

Song Jin-hwa and Byakov discuss the North Korean government's recent prohibition on private trade in cereal products and the situation in the Union of Korean Writers.

March 12, 1955

Resolution of the 1st Meeting of the KWP CC Presidium of 1-2 February 1955

The Korean Worker's Party Central Committee identifies the causes of the shortcomings in grain purchase work and decrees new methods and solutions to overcome these problems.

December 31, 1952

Report from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Poland in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the Period of 20 November to 31 December 1952

Jozef reports on the progress of the Korean War and improving domestic conditions in North Korea.

March 13, 1952

Report on the Korean War, the Armistice Negotiations, and the Domestic Situation in Korea

A letter addressed to Feder reports on the Korean War, peace negotiations, and the domestic situation in Korea, calling for larger assistance on Romania's part.

April 5, 1977

Telegram 066560 from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang reports on the DPRK's concerns about agriculture in the spring of 1977.

May 7, 1964

Report on a Meeting between Enver Hoxha and Li Byeongchan

Enver Hoxha exchanges greetings with the delegation from the DPRK and discusses the strides that both countries have made in agriculture. They criticize the foreign and domestic policies of Khrushchev, which resulted in concessions to the West and decreased agricultural productivity. Both sides congratulate one another for standing up to Soviet "revisionism" and talk about the positive exchanges and cooperation with China.