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December 19, 1992

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Concluding Conversation with Russian President Yeltsin on Economic and Financial Questions on Tuesday, 15 December 1992, in Zavidovo

Kohl and Yeltsin debate questions of finance and the withdrawal of "Soviet" troops from East Germany in 1994. Yeltsin expresses his disappointment about the low revenues from the sale of former Soviet property in East Germany. Kohl counters that Russia's debt rescheduling would cost Germany 8 billion DM. Moreover, he emphasizes the enormous scope of environmental damage that the former Soviet forces had been causing in East Germany.

May 26, 1962

V. Ivanov and S.P. Ivanov, 'List of the Generals and Admirals involved in Work on Operation "Anadyr"'

A list of all generals, admirals, and staff from the Armed Forces and Central Directories of the Ministry of Defense involved in operation “Anadyr’”.

September 27, 1962

Report from Marshal of the Soviet Union M. Zakharov to Comrade R. Ya. Malinovsky on Combat Supplies and Ammunition for Operation 'Anadyr'

A report detailing the type and amount of combat supplies and ammunition sent with troops on operation “Anadyr’”.

September 29, 1962

General-Colonel S.P. Ivanov, 'List of Generals and Officers Assigned to Pavlov's Group'

A list of generals and officers assigned to "Pavlov's" group. Pavlov, often used by Soviet officials as a pseudonym, most likely refers to Issa Pliyev, the commander of Soviet troops in Cuba.

September 15, 1962

Instruction from M. Zakharov and Bakayev to the Commander of the Ship and the chief of the Military Contingent concerning the Defense of a Transport Ship

These instructions provide regulations regarding the procedures in case of piratical acts committed by Cuban or US "counterrevolutionaries." They include information about how and when to use antiaircraft mounts in defense.

September 3, 1962

General-Colonel S.P. Ivanov, 'Reference Report on Sending Units for the "Andyr" Operation'

This report provides a revised schedule for the arrival of Soviet ships to Cuba that allows for the additional dispatch of combat equipment. 

July 14, 1962

Note, R. Malinovsky and Bakayev to the Captain of the Ship 'Dvinoles' and to the Chief of the Military Contingent

This cover letter tells the captain of the ship Dvinoles and the chief of the military contingent to together open a package after passing the Danish Straights. The package reveals the final location of the ship.

July 4, 1962

M. Zakharov, S.P. Ivanov, and Ye. Karamzin, 'Instructions to the Captain of the Ship and the Chief of the Military Contingent'

This set of instructions explains the tasks assigned to the captain of the ship carrying the Soviet operations group in charge of finding suitable locations for Soviet missiles. There are explicit instructions regarding being followed and/or boarded by foreign vessels.

July 4, 1962

Chief of the General Staff Marshal of the Soviet Union M. Zakharov, 'Instructions for the Operations Group in the Port Unloading the Troops'

This set of instructions details the assignments and conduct of the Soviet operations group tasked with unloading troops and military equipment arriving in Cuba.

July 4, 1962

Chief of the General Staff Marshal of the Soviet Union M. Zakharov, 'Composition of Advance Survey Group' [Excerpt]

A list of personnel making up the survey group tasked with finding suitable locations for Soviet missiles and reporting on the effects that Cuba's tropical weather would have on Soviet equipment. The personnel were in Cuba under cover as agricultural specialists.