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July 19, 1991

National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 19 July 1991

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 19 July 1991 describes the latest developments in Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Bolivia, Czechoslovakia, Lebanon and Turkey.

November 1945

Handwritten Note from Molotov to Cde. Stalin, conveying Message from S. Saracoglu

Molotov suggests that Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic Şükrü Saracoğlu's telegram congratulating Stalin on the 28th anniversary of the October Revolution be published in the press.

December 28, 1950

Untitled report about Turkey

Report on Turkish collaboration with Arab countries in a common defense against Russia and Turkish journalists acting as Israeli agents.

October 22, 1945

TASS Digest Distributed to Cde. I.V. Stalin and Cde. C.M. Molotov, 'Radio Broadcasts; Sadak's Article'

TASS reports on rumors of Stalin's illness in Congolese and Turkish newspapers as well as a Turkish analysis of Soviet politics.

November 9, 1944

Letter No. 402 from L.D. Wilgress, Canadian Embassy, Moscow, to the Secretary of State for External Affairs, W.L. Mackenzie King

The Canadian Ambassador to the Soviet Union, L.D. Wilgress, thoroughly reviews Soviet foreign policy in Europe, Asia, and in Latin America and its relations with the United States and the United Kingdom. Wilgress optimistically concludes that "the Soviet Government are desirous of co-operating fully with the other great powers."

August 3, 1949

Untitled report on Soviet interests in the Middle East

The Russian Commission is showing interest in the Middle East, especially in Turkish-Syrian collaboration and American and British support for a Turkish fight against communism.

June 27, 1949

Untitled report on the Turkish movement against Communism

A memo detailing communist activities indicates Russian ties in Beirut, smuggling along the Syrian-Turkish border, and Russian contact with the Kurdish Democratic Party.

April 23, 1949

Untitled report on Turkey

Reports of Soviet spying on Turkish and United States military activity in Iskenderun, Turkey.

June 2007

Actions to Promote Discord. Folder 90. The Chekist Anthology.

Contains information on active measures undertaken by the KGB residency in Ankara, Turkey during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The residency carried out active measures to destabilize Turkey’s military regime, undermine US military personnel’s sense of security through the publication of threatening leaflets, inflame the rivalry between Greece and Turkey, and foster anti-American sentiments.

Mitrokhin provides detailed descriptions of several operations involving altered or fabricated personal correspondence, as well as newspaper articles written by, or ‘inspired’ by KGB agents or confidential contacts. The KGB residency claimed that these operations resulted in, among other things, the removal of Foreign Minister Nuri Birgi from office, and the expulsion of several American diplomats for allegedly interfering with Turkish elections.

October 8, 1956

Note from N. Khrushchev to the CPSU CC Presidium regarding conversations with Yugoslav leaders in Yugoslavia

Khrushchev describes his conversations with Josip Broz Tito during his visit to Yugoslavia. They discussed the issues of U.S. aid to Yugoslavia, the Turkish and Greek conflict over Cyprus, the expansion of contact between Soviet and Yugoslav workers and the path to socialism. Tito appeared uneasy and was dissatisfied with relations between the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia.