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January 16, 1957

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1957, No. 2 (Overall Issue No. 75)

This issue features content on China's relations with the German Democratic Republic, Bulgaria, and the Soviet Union. It also has sections on bonds for economic construction, the handicrafts industry, sports records and achievements, and heating in workers' dormitories.

April 14, 1971

[Zhou Enlai's] Conversation with the U.S. Table Tennis Delegation

Zhou Enlai speaks with President of the U.S. Table Tennis Association, Graham Steenhoven, after the 31st annual World Table Tennis Championships. Steenhoven thanks Premier Zhou for inviting the U.S. ping-pong team and U.S. journalists to China. U.S. journalists ask Zhou to comment on the American hippie movement. Steenhoven extends an invitation to the Chinese ping-pong team to visit the U.S.

March 10, 1956

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1956, No. 09 (Overall Issue No. 35)

This issue features a political report from Zhou Enlai, which discusses the Five-Year Plan, the transformation of Chinese intellectuals, the United States, and Taiwan. It also conveys instructions from the Department of Higher Education, the Ministry of Health, the Sports Committee, and the New Democracy Youth League (later the Communist Youth League) to further develop sports in colleges and universities. Other sections cover various administrative concerns, including the division of districts in Shanghai, the establishment of Guixi Tong Autonomous Prefecture in Guangxi, and the transfer of towns from Jilin Province to Inner Mongolia.

January 23, 1956

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1956, No. 03 (Overall Issue No. 29)

This issue features remarks from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about an incursion of two US military aircraft in Chinese airspace. It also discusses mobilizing primary and secondary school graduates to participate in the agricultural cooperative movement. Other sections cover scientific collaboration between universities and research institutions, sports, and the handicraft industry.

April 6, 1955

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1955, No. 4 (Overall Issue No. 7)

This issue begins with a bulletin about plans for disaster relief after heavy snow. It then features a joint statement that Chinese and Burmese officials made about Chinese exports and offers incentives and suggestions for improving production. Other reports offer instructions for training short-term sports cadres and for conserving grain in the supply and marketing cooperative system.

February 9, 1974

Xinhua News Agency, 'Decision of All-China Sports Federation on Participation in Seventh Asian Games'

A Xinhua News Agency press release on the meeting congratulated the Asian Games Federation on its decision to expel the "Chiang Kai-shek clique" (the Republic of China) and invited Taiwanese athletes to participate in the PRC’s team, a decision which would indicate acceptance of the PRC’s control over Taiwanese sports affairs.

November 16, 1973

Speech to the Asian Games Federation Council by Hassan Rassouli, Secretary-General of the Iranian Organizing Committee

Hassan Rassouli, secretary-general of the Iranian organizing committee and director-general of the governmental Iranian Physical Education Organization, makes a speech in support of the People's Republic of China's application to the Asian Games Federation. Rassouli offered a pan-Asian discourse that members could use to publically legitimize their pro-PRC decision by claiming that they were fighting against Western paternalism in sports affairs.

September 18, 1973

Iranian-Japanese Motion to the Asian Games Federation on the Participation of the People's Republic of China

Motion for the acceptance of the People's Republic of China into the Asian Games Federation.

August 1973

Taiwanese Response to the IOC Concerning the PRC’s Application, 'Referring PRC’s Application [sic]'

Taiwanese sports officials complain in response to the People's Republic of China's application to join the Asian Games Federation. The PRC sought to be recognized as the sole representative of "China," effectively ejecting the Republic of China from the organization. The Taiwanese officials sought to present Taiwan as an independent country, which should be permitted to participate alongside the PRC in the Asian Games.

August 7, 1973

All-China Sports Federation Application for Chinese Membership in the Asian Games Federation

After withdrawing from international sports events during the Cultural Revolution, the People's Republic of China recreated ties with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through the Asian Games. In the application, the PRC asserted it's right to represent all of China "including the Taiwan province" and be recognized as "the sole legitimate organization representing China."