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September 14, 1992

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Rabin on Monday, 14 September 1992

Kohl and Rabin discuss the situation in the Near and Middle East and the changed in Syria's position toward Israel after the demise of the Soviet Union. Rabin expresses concern about the continued arms race in the region and Syria's purchases of Scud missiles from Russia and Slovakia. He also reiterates Iraq's continued capability to go nuclear within 5 to 6 years despite international arms control inspections. Last but not least, Kohl and Rabin discuss the situation in Iran and Kohl's contacts with President Rafsandjani.

December 30, 1949

Plan for a Coup in Syria

Short report on a plan to carry out another military coup in Syria.


The Muslim Brotherhood

Account of the Muslim Brotherhood's division in Syria and tension with communists and the Syrian government.

September 1, 1957

Repercussions from America's Position regarding Syria and the Arab countries

America sends warships into Syrian territorial waters, and regional powers calibrate their postures.

June 9, 1954

Confirmed Information regarding the Position of the Syrian Army and the Latest Serious Situation in Syria

Update on the status of the Syrian Army, including jeopardization by government feuds, possible Army intervention, and a report from Aleppo's Chief of Police.


Syria’s Position vis-à-vis Lebanon

The Syrian government and leftist leaders disapprove of the Lebanese government, Lebanese opposition leaders prepare a campaign against the government, and other Arab countries configure their policies toward Syria.


The Issue of Syria and Its Union with Iraq

Syria and Iraq reach an agreement, and elections loom in one week related to the establishment of a new Party. Chehab lists the objectives behind this Party.


The Situation in Syria: Echoes of King Saud's Visit and its Reasons

King Saud's visit to Syria sparks conversations among Syrian politicians regarding American involvement and the Fertile Crescent Project.

November 26, 1956

Untitled report about the Baath Party

The Baath Party gains strength in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon in its objective to fight colonialism, preserve the current Syrian regime, oppose the Baghdad Pact, and achieve other goals.

April 1, 1955

Regarding al-Malki's Assassination

Communists seize on al-Malki's assassination for political gain against Anglo-American policies.