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November 2, 1970

Kim Il Sung, 'Report on the Work of the Central Committee to the Fifth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea'

Kim Il Sung's speech to the Fifth Congress of the Korean Workers' Party.

February 27, 1972

Joint Communique between the United States and China

The United States and China pledge to improve relations with one another in the famous "Shanghai Communique."


Korea: Uneasy Truce in the Land of the Morning Calm (New York: American-Korean Friendship and Information Center, 1976)

The AFKIC introduces its mission, the history of Korea, and the current situation on the Peninsula.

April 6, 1973

Letter to the Congress of the United States from the Supreme People’s Assembly, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly calls for the removal of U.S. forces from South Korea and an end to U.S. “interference in the internal affairs of the Korean people”


A Visit to the DPRK: A Report from the Delegation of the American-Korean Friendship and Information Center to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

A report on a North Korean sponsored tour of Pyongyang made by staff and supporters of the AKFIC in 1972.


Korea Must Be Reunified: A Call for Friendship between the Peoples of the United States and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

Kim Il Sung praises the work of AKFIC for giving “wide publicity to our people’s struggle [in the United States]…exposing the fascist dictatorship of South Korean reactionaries…as well as U.S. aggression in Korea.”

May 18, 1954

Press Release, 'Visiting of US Governors'

Between May 24-29, four US Governors (Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma) will travel to South Korea to observe the development of US and United Nations rehabilitation programs in South Korea.

January 21, 1954

Letter, General James A. Van Fleet to President Rhee

General Van Fleet first addresses the two sides of the Asian question. Should the US 1) try to “win back Asia” or 2) face the "reality" of the present conditions and should not recommence fighting in Korea? He advises Rhee to concentrate on expanding the ROK army and to leave reunification matters to the US and the United Nations.

February 23, 1972

Letters between Narasimhan and Ozbudun

Update on UNCURK committee meetings, 19th preliminary Red Cross negotiations, ROK statement on preconditions for Korean settlement, and expedition of Japan-DPRK trade relationship.

February 16, 1972

Letters between Narasimhan and Ozbudun

Update concerning 18th preliminary Red Cross negotiation, Japan-DPRK relationship intensification, and the reassignment of ROK Vietnam troops to the DMZ.