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January 18, 1993

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Telephone Conversation with the President of the United States of America, George Bush, on 18 January 1993

Kohl calls Bush in order to thank him profoundly emphasizing Bush's key contributions in terms of Germany's unification.

September 28, 1993

Cable No. 5514, Ambassador Hatano to the Foreign Minister, 'Japan-United States Summit Meeting (Separate Telegram 1)'

Hosokawa and Clinton discuss health care reform in the United States and political reform in Japan.

July 1995

Memorandum for the President [William J. Clinton] from Anthony Lake, 'European Attitudes toward NATO Enlargement'

Anthony Lake reviews the various policy positions of European countries toward NATO and EU enlargement. Although careful to note the different views held by states such as Germany and the UK, Lake concludes that "our European allies support NATO enlargement."

March 2, 1995

Cable, U.S. Embassy Bucharest to the Secretary of State, 'EUR Assistant Secretary A/S Holbrooke's Meeting with President Iliescu'

Richard Holbrooke and Romanian President Ion Iliescu discuss US-Romania relations and the possibilities for NATO enlargement.

September 10, 1994

Cable, U.S. Embassy Office Berlin to the Secretary of State, 'Chancellor Kohl: NATO and EU Enlargement: The Future of Europe'

Richard Holbrooke recounts a final meeting with with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl prior to leaving Germany. Kohl asked the Clinton Administration "to increase its involvement in the ongoing effort to chart the future of Europe," and called for the expansion of NATO and the EU.

January 16, 1994

Cable, U.S. Delegation Secretary to the Secretary of State, 'Secretary’s Meeting with Foreign Ministers of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. January 11, 1994, Prague, the Ambassador's Residence'

US Secretary of State Christopher described the results of a recent NATO summit, the Partnership for Peace (PfP) concept, and NATO expansion.

September 16, 1993

Memorandum from William H. Itoh for Leon Fuerth et al, 'Notification of Principals Committee Meeting on PRD-13, Peacekeeping'

A draft version of PDD-25, the Clinton Administration's policy on multilateral peace operations.