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August 20, 1975

COSVN Party Current Affairs Committee Guidance on Categorizing Detained Puppet Soldiers and Puppet Officials and Continuing to Hunt Down Reactionaries

COSVN provides guidance on categorizing and detaining puppet soldiers and officials, after the victory of the resistance war.

May 1, 1975

Party Secretariat Cable No. 601

Cable from the Party Secretariat discussing the question of a tripartite government and calling for a mass movement in the revolutionary spirit.

April 28, 1975

Cable No. 505/TV from KBN [COSVN] Party Current Affairs Committee to P.10, Sau Dan [Vo Van Kiet], All Region Party Committees, B.76, N.50, and All Sections and Branches

Cable from COSVN discussing Duong Van Minh's rise to President and plans of response in preparation for total victory.

April 27, 1975

Central Military Party Committee Directive No. 113/QUTW

Directive from the Central Military Party Committee on preparation of units to be entering and administering the City of Saigon-Gia Dinh.

April 28, 1975

Cable from the COSVN Party Current Affairs Committee on Duong Van Minh’s Inauguration as President of the Saigon Puppet Government

Cable from the COSVN Party Current Affairs Committee discussing response tactics to Duong Van Minh's inauguration as President of the Saigon government.

January 8, 1975

Conclusion of Phase Two of the Politburo Conference (Excerpts)

Excerpts describe the 1975 operations plan laid out by the Politburo, with guidelines on the mission and responsibility of military and political forces on the battlefields of Cochin China.

September 10, 1974

Comrade Le Duan’s Comments After Listening to Comrade Vo Quang Ho’s Briefing on the Draft Plan (Notes Taken by Comrade Ho)

Le Duan's comments on the draft plan presented by Vo Quang Ho, laying out plans to liberate South Vietnam in two years 1975-1976.

October 13, 1973

Resolution of the 21st Plenum of the Party Central Committee, No. 227-NQ/TW (Excerpts)

Resolution of the 21st Plenum of the Party Central Committee detailing the tasks of strengthening socialism and national defense in North Vietnam while continuing the South Vietnam revolution, ensuring strict enforcement of the Paris Agreement.

March 1, 1973

Cable from Nguyen Duy Trinh [Foreign Minister of the DRV] to the Politburo

Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Duy Trinh sent a cable to the Politburo to report on his private meeting with U.S. Secretary of State William Rogers concerning peace negotiations.

February 8, 1964

Record of Conversation from Chairman Mao Zedong's Reception of the Cambodian Ambassador to China Sisowath Sirik Matak

Mao and Matak discuss Western imperialist collaboration with India, attempts to overthrow the Cambodian government, and the situation in Vietnam, among other topics.