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October 21, 1954

Talking Points from Premier Zhou Enlai’s Third Meeting with Nehru

Zhou Enlai and Nehru discuss Sino-Indian relations, as well as China and India's views toward Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

May 19, 1955

Molotov to CC CPSU on United States and French Relations in South Vietnam

V. Molotov reports to CC CPSU on American undermining of France in Vietnam. He believes that the situation should be used to promote unification and that American policies are not properly exposed.

May 18, 1955

Draft Telegram to Hanoi Soviet Ambassador on Instructions for Meeting with Ho Chi Minh

Telegram to the Soviet Ambassador in Hanoi with instructions to meet with Ho Chi Minh about discussion between Yudin and Bibrovski. The Ambassador is to discuss the situation in South Vietnam and to ask if assistance is required.

May 25, 1956

Telegram on Record of April 1956 Conversation with Nguen Zui Chin

Record of Nguen Zui Chin's discussion with USSR Ambassador M. V. Zimyanin and Sokolov about the meeting of the IXth CC PTV Plenum, whose goal was to review resolutions of the USSR XXth CPSU Congress. The Plenum discussed a range of topics including American involvement in South Vietnam, the cult of personality and propaganda, foreign policy, the sixth five-year plan of the USSR, economic and cultural development, strengthening the Party, peoples' assemblies, and Party leadership. Chin also detailed streamlining party organizations.

April 14, 1958

Record of Conversation with DRV Ministry of State Security Official Tkhum

Tkhum informed Kadymov that the Ministry of State Security held deliberations where the question of Vietnamese unification sparked a debate on whether or not the country could be reunited through peaceful means. Many Southerners employed at Democratic Republic of Vietnam agencies believe that only armed means will achieve results.

August 1, 1957

CDS Report No. 50 from Choi Duk Shin to the President (Syngman Rhee)

Choi Duk Shin outlines his discussions with dignitaries on the topics of Vietnamese military training and Japanese economic relations, discusses recent Vietnamese affairs, and reports on the Cambodia and Laos crises.

January 31, 1963

Secret Telegram from Rapacki (Warsaw) to Jaszczuk (Moscow)

Cable from Adam Rapacki to the Polish representative in Moscow informing him of Jerzy Michałowski’s coming arrival in Moscow, in light of recent Soviet-US and Polish-US talks on South Vietnam.

February 1963

Soviet Memorandum on the Polish Peace Initiative on Vietnam

Soviet memorandum on the meeting between US Ambassador John Kenneth Galbraith and Polish officials Michalowski and Rapacki. Describes the meeting as a sign of US weariness of involvement in Southeast Asia. Asserts that a neutralized Vietnam could be useful to the socialist countries as well.

January 21, 1963

Galbraith’s Journal Entry Account of the Conversation with Rapacki and Michałowski in New Delhi

Record of conversation between John Kenneth Galbraith and Polish officials Jerzy Michałowski and Adam Rapacki. The Polish officials note that the American campaign is encouraging the North Vietnamese to look to the Chinese for help. Galbraith calls for a six month ceasefire as a sign of good faith.

May 26, 1967

Letter, US Senator Vance Hartke to UN Secretary-General U Thant

U.S. Senator Vance Hartke inquires about the pending applications of North Vietnam and South Vietnam and North Korea and South Korea to gain entry into the United Nations, as well as the procedures involved for the dual admission of these divided nations.