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September 5, 1946

Letter, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi to Generalissimo Stalin, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, expresses his belief that the talks between Stalin and Princess Ashraf Pahlavi strengthened Iranian-Soviet relations and his gratitude towards Stalin.

July 28, 1946

Letter, Stalin to Cde. Sadchikov

Stalin informs Soviet Ambassador to Iran Ivan Sadchikov of the contents of his meeting with Iranian Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, including his support for Qavam's government. He also instructs Sadchikov to familiarize himself with Stalin's response to the Shah before presenting it to him.

July 26, 1946

Letter, Ashraf Pahlavi to His Excellency Generalissimo Stalin

Princess Ashraf Pahlavi thanks Stalin for the warm reception she received in the Soviet Union.

June 13, 1958

Letter, Akhtar Hussein to Comrade Mukhitdinov

Ambassador Akhtar Hussein reports on his visit to Uzbekistan and other republics.

August 19, 1953

CPSU Central Committee Decision

About the Korean delegation's arrival in Moscow.

August 17, 1953

Ciphered Telegram from Molotov to Krushchev and Malenkov

Kim Il Sung expresses his wishes to visit Moscow to discuss political, economic, and military issues that might rise up after the armistice is signed.

August 25, 1952

Ciphered Telegram from Zhou Enlai to Stalin transmitting a series of telegrams between Mao and Kim Il Sung

Telegram asking Stalin for his opinion on Kim Il Sung's and Mao's request to visit Moscow, and if he agrees to fulfill their request, would he please give instructions for sending a special plane to Beijing for informal transport of Kim Il Sung, Pak Hon-Yong, Peng Dehuai, and another eight people.

December 9, 1949

Memorandum of Conversation, Charge d’Affaires of the Soviet Embassy with Chinese Foreign Minister Zhou Enlai on 9 December 1949

Description of a discussion between the Soviet Charge d'Affaires in the PRC and Zhou Enlai, covering Mao Zedong's trip to Moscow and recognition of the PRC by England, Burma, and India.

November 10, 1949

From the Diary of N.V. Roshchin, Memorandum of Conversation with Prime Minister Zhou Enlai on 10 November 1949

Conversation between Soviet Ambassador Roshchin and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. Zhou Enlai speaks on behalf of Mao Zedong, expressing the Chairman's desire to make a visit to Moscow.

March 4, 1964

From the Diary of A. I. Alekseyev, Record of Conversations with Individual Cuban leaders about Fidel Castro’s Visit to the USSR, 8 February 1964

USSR Ambassador to Cuba, A.I. Alekseyev, briefly reports about Fidel Castro's recent visit to the Soviet Union, which is viewed by most as a success. Alekseyev also mentions several conversations with other Cuban leaders about Castro's visit.