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September 23, 1944

The Battle for Warsaw

Stalin updates Harriman and Kerr on the Battle for Warsaw and what the Red Army has encountered as it advances toward Warsaw.

September 23, 1944

Stalin’s Conversation with Ambassadors Harriman and Kerr

Ambassadors Harriman and Kerr discuss Stalin's surprise about the Warsaw Uprising, the Russian's engaging with the Japanese after Germany's defeat, and the next Big Three Meeting.

August 9, 1944

Conversation Between Mikolajczyk and Stalin

Stalin and Mikolajczyk discuss aid to Polish fighters in Warsaw and Post War Poland and Germany

August 9, 1944

Stalin's Promise to Mikolajczyk

Stalin's conversation with Mikolajczyk and the results of Stalin's promise to give aid to help Polish fighters in Warsaw.

August 10, 1944

PARAPHRASE OF Embassy’s telegram no. 2923

Harriman briefs the President and the Secretary of State about conversations between Mikolajczyk and Stalin

August 8, 1944

Harriman's notes on Mikolajczyk and Stalin Meeting

Stanislaw Mikolajczyk gives Harriman points discussed during a meeting he had with Stalin about Polish affairs.

August 7, 1944

Mikolajczyk and Stalin Meet for a Second Time

Stanislaw Mikolajczyk and Stalin discuss military aid to Poland.

August 3, 1944

Conversation between Stanislaw Mikolajczyk and Stalin

The Prime Minister of the Polish Government in Exile meets with Stalin to discuss Polish-Soviet political and military relations.


Letter from General Zygmunt Berling to General Julian Skokowski

General Berling instructs General Skokowski on what actions to take if the Warsaw Uprising fails. His forces are to withdraw to the Kampinowska Forest or meet Gen. Berling's forces to the east of Zoliborz.