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July 8, 1988

Proposals of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party on Improving the Organization and Democratizing the Activities of the Warsaw Pact Organs

Romanian proposal for reforms and reorganization of the Political Consultative Committee of the Warsaw Pact.

July 6, 1964

Note on Issues in Romanian-Soviet Relations Prepared by the Romanian Side for the Conversations in Moscow

List of the ultimately irreconcilable differences that had arisen in Soviet-Romanian relations under Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej by July 1964, in preparation for the upcoming discussions in Moscow. Topping the list of major problems were the “anti-Soviet atmosphere in Romania,” the “problem of Soviet citizens,” and the “maintenance of espionage networks” on Romanian territory.

October 25, 1956

Maj. Witold Osinski, Reports on the Events of 19-23 October 1956

Reports recounting Osinski's experiences with infighting between the Polish Ministry of Defense (MND), and the Stalinist Internal Security Corps (ISC). The reports also take place during the Polish October (Gomulka' Thaw). Normal font indicates that the text appears in both instances of the document. Italics indicates that the text appears only in the original, handwritten version of the document. Bold font indicates that the text appears only in the final, typed version for Gomulka.

March 13, 1968

Informal remarks by Czechoslovak Chief of General Staff, Gen. Otakar Rytír, at a Confidential Meeting of General Staff Officials, Prague

General Otakar Rytír examines Czechoslovakia’s role within the Warsaw Treaty and discusses how it must be militarily independent, while still remaining loyal to the USSR.

January 26, 1966

Memorandum by the Polish Ministry of National Defense

Polish and Soviet proposals for structural, organizational, and budgetary adjustments to the military articles of the Warsaw Treaty are reported and analyzed.

January 21, 1966

Memorandum by Polish Minister Adam Rapacki

In response to Brezhnev's request for input, Rapacki outlines proposals to improve the Warsaw Treaty in both military organization and operation, and political affairs, including reform of the Political Consultative Committee.

January 10, 1957

Memorandum on the Warsaw Treaty and the Development of the Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Poland

The Polish general staff analyzes the military obligations mandated by the Warsaw Treaty and how stated obligations are not compatible with Polish policy. Proposals for revision of the military articles of the Warsaw Treaty are outlined.

September 7, 1955

Statute of the Unified Command of the Member States of the Warsaw Treaty

The responsibilities and duties of the officials of the Warsaw Treaty Armed Forces Joint Command are outlined.

February 4, 1966

Report on the meeting of the Chiefs of the General Staff of the Armies of the Warsaw Pact

The meeting focused on the need to create a more unified command structure and general staff for the Warsaw Pact. A draft protocol was produced, which the delegates signed.

June 1, 1972

Letter from General Marin Nicolsecu to Vasile Glinga

Nicolescu is informing Glinga about a conversation he had with Lt. General A.A. Dementyev about a draft of a convention on the Unified Command structure of the Warsaw Pact.