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September 30, 1944

Letter No. 340 from L.D. Wilgress, Canadian Embassy, Moscow, to the Secretary of State for External Affairs, W.L. Mackenzie King

October 30, 1945

Telegram, Molotov to Cde. Stalin

Draft reply to Malinovsky concerning Soviet troops in Manchuria, including instructions to avoid responsibilities for the security of Manchuria; allow the Chinese government's representatives to land at Huludao and Yingkou; allow the Chinese planes to land at Fengtian and Changchun

August 13, 1945

Record of Meeting Between T.V. Soong and Stalin

T.V. Soong, Stalin, and others discuss Soviet plans in Manchuria. Topics include administrative rights, Soviet aid for China, and the progress in the war against Japan.

June 17, 1949

The State of Work in Manchuria

A Russian translation of a Chinese report on work to unify China and organize a new communist administration.

September 11, 1946

Cipher Message No. 145101 from Meretskov and Grushevoy with a Letter to Stalin from Residents of Dalian

November 27, 1945

Cable No. 832 from Petrov in Chongqing on Anti-Soviet Campaign in Manchuria

A Soviet diplomat describes "anti-Soviet" feeling in China.

November 26, 1945

Cable No. 825/826 from Petrov in Chongqing on Anti-Soviet Campaign in Manchuria

Petrov reports on the anti-Soviet mood in Northeast China and elsewhere around the country.

July 9, 1945

Record of a Meeting Between T. V. Soong and Stalin

Dr. Soong reports Chiang Kai-Shek's response to the stalemate on the question of Outer Mongolia to Stalin and Molotov. Chiang insists on preserving the territorial integrity of China vis a vis Outer Mongolia and Manchuria, and that China's sovereignty in Manchuria should be reinforced by Chinese administration of Port Arthur and Dairen. Stalin asks to think over his decision before responding to Chiang.

July 2, 1945

Record of a Meeting between T.V. Soong and Stalin

Notes taken during meetings between the Chinese nationalist government and the Soviet Union in Moscow during Sino-Soviet treaty negotiations.

August 29, 1945

Cable from Kuz’ma Derevyanko to Aleksei Antonov

Report concerning the division of occupied territory in the Pacific between the Soviet Union and the United States.