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August 23, 1988

Letter, Acting Minister of State Security of the DPRK Kim Yong-ryong to Comrade Czesław Kiszczak, Minister of Internal Affairs

Kim Yong-ryong asks whether the North Korean Ministry of State Security may send specialists to Poland for counterintelligence training ahead of the 13th World Youth and Students Festival.

April 12, 1989

Letter, Czesław Żmuda to Czesław Kiszczak [on DPRK Ministry of State Security Requests for Technical and Material Assistance]

Czesław Żmuda reports on requests for assistance from North Korea's Ministry of State Security.

January 1989

DPRK Talking Points [on Cooperation with the Ministry of State Security for the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students]

A list of DPRK Ministry of State Security objectives, as reported by Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs, in obtaining support from Soviet and Eastern Europe intelligence agencies for the upcoming World Festival of Youth and Students.

May 5, 1959

Radio Liberation Policy Position Statement: World Youth Festival

Radio Liberty outlines its intention to intensify youth outreach efforts during the World Youth Festival-- a festival which they argue is a communist propaganda event. 

March 15, 1989

Letter, Acting Minister for State Security of the DPRK, Kim Yong Ryong, to Minister for State Security of the German Democratic Republic, Comrade Erich Mielke

North Korea's Acting Minister for State Security thanks Erich Mielke for East Germany's support for the DPRK intelligence services and describes an upcoming delegation scheduled to visit the GDR.

May 25, 1987

Memorandum about the Discussion between Comrade Minister Mielke and the Deputy of the DPRK’s Minister of State Security, Colonel General Ch’oe Dwu Sen [sic], on May 25, 1987 in the MfS in Berlin

A discussion about cooperation between the East German Stasi and North Korea's Ministry of State Security, including GDR aid to the DPRK.

July 1, 1985

Memorandum on 12th World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow

Information "indicates that the enemy is hatching plans to carry out malicious acts during the 12th World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, including those of a terrorist nature."

July 14, 1978

TELEGRAM 066.787 from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Unable to overcome its lack of transportation means and financial resources, the DPRK decides not to participate in the World Youth Festival.

January 17, 1967

Memorandum from Bulgarian Communist Youth Union to BCP Politburo Regarding Competing Cuban and Bulgarian Candidacies to Host the IX World Youth Festival

Georgi Atanasov, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Dimitrov Communist Youth Union, reviews the selection process for the 9th World Youth Festival host location. Cuba and Bulgaria both are candidates. Atanasov explains Cuba’s campaign and Bulgaria’s concern that strong support for its candidacy will sour its relations with Cuba. Atanasov contemplates problems with Cuba’s candidacy and ways to prevent a diplomatic disagreement.

January 26, 1967

Letter from Bulgarian Embassy, Havana

Petar Marinkov, Third secretar at the Bulgarian Embassy to Cuba, informs the Bulgarian ambassador about meetings with Cuban officials on youth communist leagues. Marinkov’s reviews negotiations centered on Cuba’s non-participation in established youth leagues and festivals. Cuban youth leaders hope to host youth festivals and incorporate military training for armed liberation movements into youth festival activities.