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Themes provide guided overviews of specific topics through introductory essays, timelines, educational resources, and more.

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    Chinese Foreign Policy Database

    The Chinese Foreign Policy Database enhances the ability of contemporary observers and historians to gain broader perspectives on Chinese policies. Curating 1000s of documents from Chinese and international archives, it offers insights into China’s foreign policy since 1949 and its relationship to ideology, revolution, the economy, and traditional Chinese culture. The Database is generously supported by the MacArthur Foundation and the Henry Luce Foundation.

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    Database on Inter-Korean Relations

    Using fresh and policy-relevant historical data, the Database on Inter-Korean Relations informs and supports current and future efforts to peacefully reunify the Korean Peninsula and achieve reconciliation in post-unification Korea. The Database has been made possible through the generous support of the Korean Ministry of Unification.

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    Nuclear History

    Nuclear Proliferation International History Project (NPIHP) explores the international history of nuclear weapons and their proliferation using archival documents and oral history interviews from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, China, Israel, India, South Africa, Sweden and more. (Image, Enrico Fermi, Smithsonian)

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    Cold War History

    Since its establishment in August 1991, the Cold War International History Project (CWIHP) has amassed a tremendous collection of archival documents on the Cold War era from the once secret archives of former communist countries. CWIHP has become internationally recognized as the world’s preeminent resource on the Cold War. (Image, Potsdam Conference, 1945, Truman Library)

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    Emir Farid Chehab

    Emir Farid Hares Chehab held many of the most politically sensitive positions in Lebanon in the period from the country's independence from French rule in 1942 to the early 1970s. From his high-level posts at the secret police, Surete Generale, and in the Diplomatic Corps, he took it upon himself to painstakingly record his observations and impressions from a unique 'insider' position. This theme page has been made possible thanks to the generous financial support of Youmna & Tony Asseily.

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    Modern Korean History Portal

    The Modern Korean History Portal is a learning and a research tool for students, educators, and professional historians interested in Korea and has been funded through the generous support of the Korea Foundation. (Image, Namdaemun, Seoul, Sam Garza)