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Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Documents from the years 1968 to 1976 on the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), which concluded with the signing of the Helsinki Final Act on August 1, 1975. The collection contains memorandums, minutes of conversations, and reports from the Political Archives of the German Foreign Office (GDR) translated into English. Topics discussed include European security issues; Warsaw Pact countries’ interests and goals; and the Soviet Union's policy to maintain control over the Eastern Bloc. Some documents refer to conversations between East and West German representatives and relations between the two countries.(Image, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Immanuel Giel)

Popular Documents

April 26, 1968

Current Essential questions in the Soviet Union's Politics of Ensuring European Security

A copy of a memorandum entitled "current essential questions in the Soviet Union's Politics of Ensuring European Security" submitted by the GDR Ministry of Foreign Affairs' director of the Soviet Union Department to the directors of the West German and West European Departments for comment.

The document outlines Soviet policy and goals towards West Germany and Western Europe in early 1968.

November 24, 1987

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'East-West relations'

An analysis of the state of East-West relations. The document covers US-USSR relations, CSCE, euro-Soviet relations, and USSR internal developments.

October 20, 1970

Attitudes and Measures of the Warsaw Treaty States for Convening a Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, 1970-1971

An analysis of the Warsaw Pact states' interests and goals in the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe negotiations, including discussion of the military, territorial, economic, cultural, and scientific-technical aspects of the negotiations.

March 21, 1990

Working Record of a Conversation of Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki with Deputy Secretary of State L. Eagleburger

At a working lunch, Mazowiecki and Deputy Secretary of State L. Eagleburger discuss the dangers of Balkanization. Additionally, they discuss the difficulties of European unification in the current political climate. 

October 10, 1969

Working Material for the Preparation of a European Security Conference

An analysis written by the GDR's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the respective positions of European socialist states, socialist states in general, and NATO and other capitalist European states, on the organization of a European security conference, as well as guidance for carrying out the CSCE negotiations based upon an analysis of each side's perceived strengths and weaknesses